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How to Create a Great Onboarding Process to Retain Top Agents

Does your onboarding process create the right first impression to help you retain top real estate agents?

After joining your brokerage, a new agent's first impression is your onboarding process. If it’s clunky, slow, and uses outdated tech,

Build a Real Estate Brokerage Foundation that Accelerates Growth

Does your brokerage have a strong foundation that can help you accelerate growth?

When thinking about growth, you probably think about increasing sales volume and getting more clients. However, without a strong brokerage foundation, it will be hard to attract clients, retain top agents, ...

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Do More with Less: Hiring Great Real Estate Office Staff Is Hard

Are you struggling to hire back office talent?

Your agents are essential to growing your brokerage. However, even the best agents need back office staff to help handle transactions, expedite commissions, and take care of other administrative tasks. Without back office staff, your agents ...

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5 Ways to Increase Real Estate Agent and Staff Tech Adoption

The right technology can help you grow your brokerage, cut costs, provide a better client experience, attract top agents, and more. However, you’ll only see those benefits if your team actually uses your tech.

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How to Set New Real Estate Agents Up for Success

Are you planning to hire new agents this year?

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Top 7 Reasons Real Estate Agents Don't Last

Have you recruited an agent who quits after a few weeks, months, or even years?

While real estate is a great career, it’s not for everyone.

Some people struggle to handle the ...

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How to Recruit Top Talent for Your Real Estate Brokerage

If you were to take a moment to read through the PwC Emerging Trends in Real Estate for 2020/2021, you would quickly realize that the real estate industry ...

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