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How to Pay Your Real Estate Agents Faster to Boost Retention

Want to retain top agents?

Your brokerage is only as good as your agents. Top agents help you grow and reach your brokerage goals. They can also motivate your other agents to become top performers. But, top agents won’t stay at your brokerage if they don’t feel valued.

Real Estate Back Office

5 Ways Back Office Automation Is a Game Changer for Unleashing Growth

Are you looking for a better way to grow your brokerage?

Growing your brokerage means more work for your team. If your team has to manually manage all back office tasks, the size of your office team can limit your brokerage growth. To grow, you have to hire more staff members – which can ...

Real Estate Back Office

How to Simplify Real Estate Commission Calculation

Is commission calculation a pain for you or your team?

From pulling transaction data, to determining splits, to getting payments out, to ...

Real Estate Back Office

How to Make Real Estate Agent Billing and Payments Easy

Can you quickly and correctly pay out commissions and bill for fees with your agents?

Real Estate Back Office

How Native American Group Saves 312 Hours from Dash Integration Alone

Real Estate Back Office

Save Time with a CDA Template

Is manually creating commission disbursement authorization forms eating away at your precious time? You’re not alone.

Real Estate Commission Automation

Commission Split Calculator

Explained: How real estate agent compensation works

In this article, we’ll explain the five most common ways real estate agents are compensated for their services. Stick around until the end, and we’ll share our commission calculation ...

Real Estate Commission Automation

Why Brokers Are Investing in Real Estate Back Office Platforms

Whether you are a small operation with just a handful of agents, a behemoth in the hundreds or thousands, or somewhere in between, it’s likely your back office is the least sophisticated part of your operation.

Real Estate Back Office