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5 Proven Strategies to Attract Top Talent Using Back Office Software

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How do you attract top producers?

Having great agents is essential for brokerage growth and success. Top producers have their pick of brokerages, so your brokerage needs to stand out to attract this talent. Without a clear way to differentiate your brokerage, it can be hard to recruit top agents – hurting brokerage growth.

If you’re looking for a proven way to attract top talent easily, you need back office software. With the right back office software, it’s easy to recruit and retain top producers. We’ll cover everything you need to know about attracting agents with back office software. To start, let’s take a look at the first way back office software can help you recruit top talent – best-in-class tech.

1. Provide the best technology

The first way back office software can help you attract top producers is by providing cutting-edge tech.

As the real estate industry is increasingly adopting more technology, having the right tech can mean the difference between succeeding and failing. Top agents know how crucial a good tech stack is to their ability to prospect, work with clients, close deals, and more. If your brokerage has an outdated and clunky tech stack, the best agents will skip over you for your competitors.

With the right back office software, you can streamline and modernize your tech stack to attract top producers. Instead of outdated, hard-to-use tech, you can adopt a back office platform with an intuitive user interface, simple navigation, modular tools, and more. This back office tech should also seamlessly integrate with third-party tools to streamline agents’ overall tech experience.

The right back office platform can help modernize your tech stack to provide the tools top agents need – making it easy to attract the best agents.

2. Empower work on the go

Another way back office software can help you attract top talent is by making it easy for agents to work from anywhere.

Agents are always on the go. Prospecting, meeting with clients, showing houses, and more all require your agents to be out of the office. However, many real estate tech tools require a local network or device to access them. To get their work done, your agents have to travel back to your office – wasting time and reducing their productivity.

Top agents know how important being able to work on the go is. If your brokerage has tech tools that require being in the office to use, the best agents will choose another brokerage with the on-the-go tech they need.

The right back office software can empower agents to work from anywhere with cloud technology. With everything stored on the cloud, your agents can access back office checklists, offer management, goal setting, and more from anywhere. A back office mobile app allows your agents to get their work done on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Cloud-based back office software with a mobile app makes it easy for agents to work on the go. Providing these crucial on-the-go capabilities can help differentiate your brokerage and make it easier to attract top talent.

3. Create a powerful workflow

Along with empowering work on the go, back office software can also help recruit agents by streamlining workflows.

Agents have a lot to do every day. Between prospecting, working with clients, managing offers, keeping track of communication, closing deals, and more, it’s easy for even the best agents to forget a task. Dropping the ball on small tasks isn’t a big deal. However, forgetting to do a crucial step or compliance measure can lead to huge headaches for you and your agents.

With the right back office software, it’s easy for your agents to remember everything. Transaction checklists ensure agents do each step before allowing them to move on. Automated reminders help agents remember important tasks. And, custom to-do lists help agents stay on track to meet their goals.

Top producers want technology that makes it easy to get everything done, stay compliant, and reach their goals. Back office technology with transaction checklists, automated reminders, and custom to-do lists provide top agents with exactly what they need to be successful – helping your brokerage attract top talent.

4. Pay agents quickly and accurately

In addition to checklists and reminders, back office software can help you pay agents quickly and correctly to recruit top talent.

Getting paid accurately and on time is essential to agent satisfaction. If your team manually manages agent payments, it can be hard to pay agents correctly the first time. Your team has to manually enter and transfer data and run calculations – which makes it easy to make a mistake. Inaccurate payments can make it hard to attract the best talent.

Manually managing agent payments can also make it difficult to pay agents quickly. Your team has to run all the calculations, create a check for each agent, and either hand it to agents or mail it. This whole process can take weeks (or even months). With so many other options for brokerages, top agents will skip over your brokerage if you pay agents slowly.

Back office software makes it easy to pay agents accurately and on time. This software can automatically calculate agent payments, reducing the chance of human error. And, the right back office software should have next-day ACH payments. Instead of agents having to wait weeks to get paid, they can get paid in as little as a day.

With back office software, you can pay agents quickly and correctly – helping you attract top talent.

5. Highlight your value proposition with key metrics

The last way to attract top agents with back office software is to use metrics to demonstrate your value proposition.

Agents want to work at the best brokerage. With so many choices, it can be hard for agents to differentiate your brokerage from your competitors. If you don’t have any concrete measures that make you stand out, the best agents will overlook your brokerage.

With back office software, you can use analytics and reporting to find metrics that demonstrate your value proposition to top agents. Whether your brokerage has a high transaction volume, conversion rate, lead gen success rate, unique commission splits, or any other differentiating factor, you can use back office software to quantify your value proposition.

By making your value proposition concrete with back office analytics, you can easily show top producers why your brokerage will offer them the best opportunities – helping you recruit great agents.

Wrapping it up

Recruiting top agents helps your brokerage grow and makes it possible to reach your goals. However, with so much competition, it can be hard to recruit top talent. That’s where back office software comes in. With the right back office software, it’s easy to recruit top producers to grow your brokerage.

Back office software can help you attract top talent by providing best-in-class tech, empowering work on the go, creating a powerful workflow, paying agents correctly and on time, and demonstrating your value proposition with reporting and analytics. The right back office software can help you up your recruitment game to grow your brokerage.

If you’re looking for the best back office software to help you recruit top agents, Brokermint is the way to go. Brokermint’s complete, cloud-based back office platform provides the modern tools agents want. And, Brokermint has a mobile app to empower work on the go. With checklists, automated reminders and calculations, next-day ACH payments, reporting/analytics, and more, Brokermint has everything you need to recruit top agents.

Along with agent recruiting tools, Brokermint has five back office modules – transaction management, commission automation, accounting, agent management, and reporting/analytics. Brokermint’s five modules have everything you need to modernize and streamline your back office.

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