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6 Ways to Increase Agent Productivity with Back Office Checklists

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Are your agents maximizing their productivity?

To be at the top of their game, your agents have to stay on top of deadlines, client communication, transaction steps, compliance, and more. With so much to do, it’s easy for your agents to get off track – leading to lower productivity and transaction volume.

Back office checklists are the easiest way to keep your agents on track and productive. Wondering how? We’ll cover the top ways back office checklists can boost agent productivity. Let’s take a look at the first way – onboarding more quickly.

1. Onboard faster

The first way back office checklists can increase agent productivity is by speeding up the onboarding process.

Before agents can get to work at your brokerage, they need to go through your onboarding process. If your onboarding process is tedious, time-consuming, and confusing, your agents will waste time onboarding instead of getting straight to working with clients.

Onboarding checklists in back office software can simplify your onboarding process. All agents need to do is follow the checklists your back office team creates. Agents can’t move on to the next step until the current step is completed. This prevents agents from starting work at your brokerage before they’ve submitted all compliance and other necessary documents.

With back office onboarding checklists, your agents can breeze through onboarding and get to helping your brokerage grow faster.

2. Keep transaction types straight

Another way checklists can boost agent productivity is by helping them do the correct steps for each transaction type.

If your brokerage has multiple different types of transactions, it can be hard for agents to remember all the steps for each type. As such, your agents might do all the steps correctly but for the wrong transaction type. If this happens, your agents have to waste time going back to do everything for the right transaction type – hurting productivity.

With the right back office software, your team can create checklists for every transaction type. When agents do a transaction of a certain type, your checklists tell them everything they need to do. This makes it easy for agents to do everything right the first time – saving time and boosting productivity.

3. Increase organization

Along with helping with transaction types, back office checklists can also improve agent productivity by increasing organization.

Your agents have a lot of moving parts to keep track of – like prospecting, client communication, agent communication, offer management, and compliance. With so much to manage, it’s easy for your agents to drop the ball on both big and small tasks. This leads to low agent productivity, unsatisfied clients, and stalled brokerage growth.

Being organized can help your agents get everything done. Back office checklists make it easy for your agents to be super organized. Your agents simply have to look at their checklists to see everything they need to do. With better organization, your agents can spend less time trying to remember what they have to do – and more time helping you grow your brokerage.

4. Reduce errors

Back office checklists can also help your agents be more productive by reducing errors.

Manually managing back office tasks often leads to errors. Whether it’s forgetting a step, doing steps out of order, or any other error, manual back office task management means your agents will more often make mistakes. As such, your agents have to spend more time fixing errors – hurting their productivity.

With back office checklists, it’s easy for your agents to see exactly what they need to do and in what order. Back office checklists list every step your agents need to do to complete a transaction. So, agents no longer need to remember every step. Instead, they can follow checklists – reducing errors and boosting productivity.

5. Meet deadlines

In addition to reducing errors, back office checklists can also increase agent productivity by helping them meet deadlines.

Meeting deadlines is crucial for keeping transactions on schedule, maintaining a smooth back office flow, and keeping clients happy. While some agents are great at meeting deadlines, others struggle to get everything done on time. Constantly missed deadlines can result in low agent productivity and back office bottlenecks that reduce brokerage output.

Back office checklists remind agents of deadlines for every step of the transaction. With these reminders, it’s easier for even the most unorganized agent to meet their deadlines. Meeting more deadlines can help keep agents on track – increasing productivity and brokerage growth.

6. Reach goals

Lastly, back office checklists can boost agent productivity by helping your agents reach their goals.

Setting goals can help your agents reach their potential. However, without the right structure, it can be hard for your agents to reach their goals because they don’t know what steps to take. Not reaching their goals can lead to low agent morale and reduced agent productivity.

Back office checklists can be used to give agents concrete steps they need to reach their goals. With simple-to-follow steps thanks to the checklists, your agents can reach their goals and grow as agents. This helps agents maximize productivity and contribute more to brokerage growth.

Wrapping it up

Agent productivity is key to reaching your brokerage goals. However, it can be hard to increase agent productivity without a little help. Back office checklists are one of the easiest ways to boost agent productivity and brokerage growth.

Back office checklists can help agents be more productive by speeding up onboarding, differentiating transaction types, increasing organization, reducing errors, making it easy to meet deadlines, and helping them reach their goals. With back office checklists, it’s easy for your agents to maximize their productivity.

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