What You Need to Know About Real Estate Tech in 2021

2020 was a crazy year dominated by the pandemic and a record hot real estate market. Despite the record year, though, if you’re like most, you’re probably happy 2020 is over.

How Native American Group Saves 312 Hours from Dash Integration Alone

Dr. Susan JenkinsChief Executive Officer-Principal BrokerBetter Homes and Gardens Real Estate Native American Group

What Is a Data Silo—and How Does It Hurt Your Real Estate Business?

Do you have a central place to store your data that’s easy to access for your entire team? Or, do you have fragmented data storage that only part of your team can use?

Top 6 Best CRMs for Real Estate

Looking for the best CRM? You’re in the right place. Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps you organize your prospects and client info. With everything stored in a central...

Save Time with a CDA Template

Is manually creating commission disbursement authorization forms eating away at your precious time? You’re not alone.

Commission Split Calculator

Explained: How real estate agent compensation works In this article, we’ll explain the five most common ways real estate agents are compensated for their services. Stick around until the end, and...

Zillow and Dotloop: What You Need to Know About Your Data Privacy

Does Zillow have access to your transaction data? If you use Dotloop, Zillow just might.  When Zillow acquired Dotloop in 2015, Dotloop offered a privacy guarantee – which stated that Zillow...

Why Brokers Are Investing in Real Estate Back Office Platforms

Whether you are a small operation with just a handful of agents, a behemoth in the hundreds or thousands, or somewhere in between, it’s likely your back office is the least sophisticated part of...