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4 Must-Have Tech Tools to Boost Brokerage Growth in 2024

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Do you have big brokerage growth goals in 2024?

To grow your brokerage in 2024, you need the right tech tools. Without the right tech, your team will struggle to be productive, reduce expenses, and close more transactions. This makes it hard to grow at all, much less reach your brokerage growth goals.

Wondering what tech you need to boost growth in 2024? We’ll cover everything you need to know about the top 4 must-have tech tools. To start, let’s take a look at the first tech solution you need to boost brokerage growth in 2024 – a CRM.

1. Predictive CRM

The first tech tool you need to boost brokerage growth this year is a predictive CRM.

Your agents likely already use a CRM. But, not all CRMs are created the same. Some CRMs are little more than a place to store client names and info. Having a basic CRM puts your agents at a disadvantage to other agents with predictive CRMs. This hurts brokerage growth and can make it hard to reach your goals in 2024.

To thrive in 2024, your agents need a predictive CRM. The right predictive CRM helps your agents know who to talk to and when to maximize lead conversion rates. With this top-of-the-line tech, your agents can optimize prospect interactions to close more deals to help you grow your brokerage.

With a predictive CRM, your agents can use data-driven insights to increase prospecting efficacy – helping you boost growth in 2024.

2. Complete back office platform

Another must-have tech tool for 2024 is a complete back office platform.

To manage your back office the traditional way, you either manually manage everything. Or, you use separate tech tools for every area of your back office (like transaction management, commissions, and accounting). Both approaches to back office management are time-consuming, productivity-lowering, and expensive.

Instead of using manual management or point solutions, you need a complete back office platform in 2024. With a complete platform, you have everything you need to manage your back office in one, easy-to-use solution. Your team can spend less time navigating your tech and more time managing transactions – helping you grow your brokerage.

By adopting a complete back office platform, your team can streamline and modernize your back office operations. This allows your team to manage more transactions with the same staff to grow your brokerage.

3. Cloud technology

Along with a complete back office platform, cloud tech can help you reach your brokerage growth goals in 2024.

Your team and agents often need to work outside the office. Yet, many brokerage tech tools require your team and agents to use in-office computers and be on a local network to access them. As such, your team/agents have to waste time going back and forth from your office just to use your brokerage tech – reducing productivity and growth.

With cloud technology, your team and agents can use your brokerage tech from anywhere on any device. Instead of storing data on local computers, cloud-based tech stores everything on a cloud. Your team and agents can access everything on the cloud from anywhere – saving time and boosting productivity.

Adopting cloud tech will help your brokerage increase growth in 2024 by making it easy for your team and agents to do work from anywhere on any device.

4. Automation

Lastly, automated tech tools can help you maximize your brokerage growth in 2024.

Managing your brokerage requires a lot of manual work like data entry and transfer. Your team can spend hundreds of hours a year on manual tasks like calculations, data entry and transfer, and tracking cash flow. When your team has to spend so much time on manual work, they have less time to focus on high-value activities that grow your brokerage.

That’s why you need brokerage tech with automation. Automation in your front office can take care of reaching out to prospects, following up, marketing campaigns, and more. In your back office, automation can handle commission calculations, accounting data transfer, agent payments, analytic reports, and more.  

With automation, your team and agents can spend less time on menial work and more time on high-value tasks – boosting productivity and brokerage growth.

Wrapping it up

Reaching your brokerage growth goals in 2024 requires the right tools. Trying to manage your brokerage manually or with outdated tech makes it almost impossible to maximize brokerage growth.

Instead of making do with your current tech, you should adopt the top tech tools to drive brokerage growth. With a predictive CRM, complete back office platform, cloud-based tech, and automation, you’ll have the brokerage tech you need to crush your brokerage growth goals in 2024.

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Along with brokerage growth-boosting features, Brokermint has five core modules – transaction management, commission automation, accounting, agent management, and reporting/analytics. With these five modules, Brokermint has everything you need to streamline and modernize your back office.

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