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7 Tech Tools to Boost Your Real Estate Agent Productivity

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Are your agents performing their best?

Agent productivity determines brokerage growth. If your agents are underperforming, you’ll struggle to close more deals and reach your brokerage goals.

Your agents could be underperforming for a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is not having the right tools. Without the right tech, even your best agents won’t be able to reach their full potential. 

Wondering what tech your agents need to maximize productivity? In this post, we’ll cover 7 essential tech tools your agents need. Let’s take a look at the first one – CRM.

1. CRM with predictive insights

The first tech tool your agents need to maximize productivity is a CRM with predictive insights.

Your agents probably already use a CRM to store prospect data, find leads, create marketing campaigns, automatically follow up, and more.

A basic CRM can help your agents keep track of client info. But, to maximize agent productivity, your agents need a CRM that does more. A predictive CRM uses tech to help your agents know who to talk to and when. This predictive intelligence can help your agents maximize conversions and close more deals by optimizing client interactions.

By knowing who to talk to and when, your agents can maximize the time they spend with clients and boost overall productivity.

2. Complete back office platform

Another tech tool your agents need to increase productivity is a complete back office platform.

Having separate software for transaction management, commission calculation, accounting, agent management, reporting/analytics, and any other back office task slows down your entire brokerage. Your back office team can’t manage transactions quickly. So, your agents can’t close deals quickly – hurting their productivity.

With a complete back office platform, your team has everything they need in one place. Your team no longer has to transfer data to and from transaction management, accounting, commissions, and more. Instead, data flows seamlessly across your back office – saving your team time.

The right back office platform can help your team manage more transactions. This can help boost agent productivity by enabling agents to close more deals in less time.

3. Offer management

Productivity Increase on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.Along with a complete back office platform, offer management software can also help your agents maximize productivity.

Manual offer management creates a lot of work for your agents. They have to manually collect, organize, and store offers. Your agents also have to manually evaluate offers and help clients choose the best one. This manual process is slow, time-consuming, and error-prone – which can lead to less productive agents and unhappy clients.

To boost agent productivity, you need offer management software. This software automatically collects, organizes, and sorts all offers into an easy-to-understand dashboard view. It can also automatically notify agents of any new offers. Plus, offer management software can automatically store all offer-related communication and documents.

With offer management software, your agents no longer have to waste time on menial offer tasks. Instead, the software can automatically do many offer tasks – helping your agents be more efficient and productive.

4. Built-in eSignature

Built-in eSignature tech is another tech tool your agents need to boost productivity.

eSignatures can make agents more productive by taking the hassle out of document signing. Your agents no longer have to waste time on traditional offer management (like printing offers or meeting with clients). Instead, they can digitally create documents, send them to clients, get them digitally signed, and electronically send them to other agents.

But, without eSignature built into your back office platform, creating eSignature documents can be time-consuming. Your agents have to hunt for the right info and manually put it in the offer. This manual document creation can also be error-prone. So, your agents have to spend even more time fixing any mistakes – hurting their productivity.

That’s why your agents need eSignature tech that’s built into your back office platform. Built-in eSignature tech can automatically find the right info and put it in the right place in the eSigned document. This saves your agents time and reduces errors – both of which can help your agents maximize productivity.

5. Back office mobile app

A back office mobile app can also help your agents be more productive.

Your agents are constantly on the go. Yet, many back office tech tools force your agents to come back into the office to use offer management, eSignature, transaction management, and other back office tech tools. Traveling back and forth needlessly can waste your agents’ time and make them less productive.

With the right back office app, your agents can do everything they need on the go. They can check their pipeline, create eSignature documents, view transaction checklists, monitor goals, see important documents, and more on the go.

By reducing travel time and enabling your agents to get things done on the go, the right back office app can boost your agent productivity and brokerage growth.

6. Centralized storage

Centralized storage is another tech tool that can increase agent productivity.

Your agents need to store and access things like offer documents, productivity reports, property info, client data, commission structures, and more. Without the right organizational system, your agents will struggle to find what they need when they need it. This can make your agents less productive and create a negative client experience.

That’s why you need tech that centralizes document storage. Instead of having storage in filing cabinets and computer folders, this tech consolidates all of your agents’ documents into one place. When your agents need to find documents, they only need to look in one place – which can save them time and help them provide better client service.

With centralized document storage, your agents can quickly find what they need when they need it – saving time and boosting productivity.

7. Cloud-based tech

Businessman hand working with a Cloud Computing diagram on the new computer interface as concept-1The last tech tool you need to maximize agent productivity is cloud-based tech.

Your agents work from the office, in the field, and from home. Without cloud-based tech, however, your agents won’t be able to access what they need except from your local network or an office computer. This limits what your agents can accomplish any time they’re not in the office – which reduces productivity.

Cloud-based technology can help your agents be more productive by allowing them to access everything from any computer or device from anywhere. For example, if your agents start an offer on an office computer, they can finish it on a tablet from home with cloud-based software.

With cloud-based tech, your agents can reduce travel time and access what they need to be productive from anywhere.

Wrapping it up

Productive agents can help you grow your brokerage and reach your goals. But, your agents can’t maximize their productivity if they don’t have the right tools. If you want to boost agent productivity and brokerage growth, you need the right tech.

With a CRM with predictive insights, a complete back office platform, offer management, built-in eSignature, a mobile app, centralized document storage, and cloud-based tech, your agents will have everything they need to maximize productivity, close more deals, and help you grow your brokerage.

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