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How to Manage Real Estate Offers Like a Pro in 5 Easy Steps

Real Estate Back Office

How do your agents manage offers?

While multiple offers are great for clients, it creates a lot of work for your agents. With traditional offer management, your agents have to track everything with spreadsheets and paper files and folders.

This low-tech offer management is time-consuming and error-prone. Traditional offer management also makes it hard to create a great client experience. Instead of providing a seamless, stress-free client experience, your agents have to scramble to keep track of offers, communicate with other agents, and more. 

Looking for a better way for your agents to manage offers? You’re in the right place. Let’s take a look at the first way to manage offers like a pro – offer notifications.

Step 1: Instant offer notifications

Senior couple meeting financial adviser for investmentThe first step to better offer management is getting instant offer notifications.

With traditional offer management, your agents have to continuously check their email and texts for new offers. This is a time suck and reduces agent productivity. Even with constant checking, agents can miss incoming offers. When clients need to choose an offer, they could lose out on the highest offer because your agents missed it – leading to unhappy clients.

To manage offers like a pro, your agents need offer management software with instant offer notifications. Your agents are notified as soon as a new offer comes in – without needing to constantly check emails or texts.

Instant offer notifications help your agents stay on top of offers. And, instant notifications allow your agents to provide a better client experience – boosting referrals and brokerage growth.

Step 2: Automatic offer storage

Another way to manage offers like a pro is to automatically store offers and related documents.

Managing offers requires a lot of paperwork. From spreadsheets, to paper documents, to computer files, your agents have to sort through and store a ton of offer-related documents.

Manually organizing and storing offers and related documents can be a major time suck. When your agents need to find documents, manual storage can make it difficult (if not impossible) to find what they need.

For better offer management, your agents need automatic offer storage. The right offer management software can automatically store offers and any related documents with the relevant listing. When your agents need to find offer paperwork, they know exactly where to look thanks to this automated offer storage.

With automatic offer document storage, agents can find what they need when they need it. This can save them hours per listing – freeing them up to focus on high-value tasks to grow your brokerage.

Step 3: Centralized offer view

business documents on office table with smart phone and laptop computer and graph financial with social network diagram and three colleagues discussing data in the background-2Along with automating offer document storage, your agents can manage offers better with a centralized offer view.

Traditional offer management makes it hard to compare offers. Your agents have to flip between computer windows to view every offer. This makes it difficult for clients to view everything side by side. Agents can also compile all offers in a word doc or spreadsheet. But, this manual compiling can be a time suck for your agents.

With the right offer management software, your agents and their clients can easily and quickly compare offers. The software aggregates all offers for a listing into one, easy-to-understand dashboard. Agents and clients can see at a glance which offer is highest or has the best terms. This makes it easy and stress-free for clients to pick the best offer.

To manage offers like a pro, your agents need easily and quickly see all offers for a listing in one place. This fast comparison helps agents serve clients better – generating referrals and more business to grow your brokerage.

Step 4: Built-in agent and buyer communication

Your agents can also boost their offer management with offer management software with built-in communication.

Getting offers is only the first step in offer management. Your agents need to communicate with buyers or their agents to negotiate the best price for clients.

Managing so many conversations through email, texts, or any other method can be difficult for agents. It’s easy for them to miss important messages or fall behind on communication. Slow and inconsistent communication can make it hard for your agents to get the best price for clients. This leads to disappointed clients who look for another agent and brokerage.

The right offer management software makes it easy for your agents to stay on top of communication. Your agents can email buyers or their agents right from the offer management platform. And, this software allows your agents to send out one email (like asking for the highest and best offer) to multiple buyers/agents. This can save your agents hours per listing.

With offer management software, your agents can manage offers like a pro by staying on top of communication. This software also saves time and frees up agents to focus on providing outstanding client service and closing more deals to grow your brokerage.

Step 5: Log all communication

Records Concept. Word on Folder Register of Card Index. Selective Focus.The last step to managing offers like a pro is to record all offer communication and paperwork to ensure compliance.

When agents are managing multiple offers for several listings, the last thing on their minds is keeping records. However, not storing all communication and paperwork can lead to compliance issues – which are a massive headache for you and your agents.

Offer management software can automatically store all communication and necessary documents – all without you or your agents having to do anything. That way, you have peace of mind that you have all records you need down the road.

With the right offer management software, your agents can automatically log all communication and offer paperwork to ensure compliance. This saves time for agents and allows you to focus on achieving your brokerage goals – instead of worrying about compliance.

Wrapping it up

Multiple offers help clients get the best price for their homes. But, managing multiple offers for a listing can be time-consuming, complicated, and frustrating for agents. If your agents don’t properly manage offers, their clients could miss out on the best offer – leading to few referrals.

To manage offers like a pro, your agents need the right offer management software. This software should have instant notifications, automated offer storage, a central offer view, built-in communication, and a log of all communication and paperwork.

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