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How to Improve Real Estate Agent Time Management with Technology

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Your brokerage depends on your agents. How much they can get done determines how much your brokerage can grow.

So, if you want to scale, your agents should work more hours, right?

Not exactly. How many hours an agent works isn’t the same as how much they get done. In fact, agents who work longer hours may be getting less done.

Why? Time management.

Business man pointing to transparent board with text Get More DoneAgents have a lot to do every day. Prospecting, meeting with clients, managing paperwork, and more. Without good time management, your agents let tasks and opportunities slip through the cracks. This costs you revenue and prevents your brokerage from reaching its full potential.

How can you improve agent time management? That’s what we’ll cover in this post. With the right tech tools, you can improve agent time management in no time. Let’s dive into the first way to boost time management – automation.

1. Automate Low-Value Work

One of the best ways to help your agents manage their time and get more done is by reducing their workload through automation.

Agents generate revenue through working with clients. So, you want them to spend their time on this high-value work. But, agents also have to get menial tasks done (like paperwork, emails, and more). The time they spend on these low-value tasks is time they can’t spend closing more deals.

To help your agents manage their time better, you need back office software with automation. Instead of having to balance client work with administrative work, your agents can focus on clients while your back office software automates closing paperwork, email templates, agent billing, and more.

Process Automation on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.-1eSignature technology can also eliminate the need to print out paperwork and find additional time to meet with clients. Instead, agents can quickly send a digital document to clients to eSign. Back office software with built in eSignature tech can save agents the most time. But, good integration with third-party eSignature tech can also save time.

Automating back office tasks improves agent time management by reducing their non-client-facing tasks. That way, your agents can close more deals – helping you grow your brokerage.

2. Breakdown Tasks

You can also help your agents improve their time management with tech that has checklists.

Large tasks (like managing and closing a transaction) can be stressful and overwhelming. With big tasks, your agents may not know where to start. Or, they might get stuck in the middle, unsure how to continue. This uncertainty can slow your agents down, making it difficult for them to get everything done.

So, you need to break down tasks for your agents. But, manually breaking down every task for every agent is time-consuming and tedious.

Instead of this manual process, you can use back office software with checklists. You can create checklists for different types of transactions. When your agents handle a specific transaction, they’ll see a list of tasks they need to do to close that transaction. And, you can how agents complete transactions to hold them accountable to do it right.

Back office software with checklists can help improve agent time management by making tasks smaller and easier to accomplish. That way, they don’t waste time wondering where to start or how to get to the finish line. Instead, they can quickly close deals – boosting brokerage performance.

3. Set Deadlines

Another way to improve agent time management is by setting deadlines.
Your agents have a lot of freedom when creating their schedules and deciding how quickly to accomplish tasks. While this freedom can work well for some agents, it can also lead to other agents getting little done. Without clear time frames or completion expectations, some agents will struggle to get anything done.

Business man pointing the text ChecklistTo improve agent time management, you need to set deadlines. The right back office software should have a calendar you and your agents can share. You can set deadlines for agents to get onboarding, client work, or any other task accomplished. These deadlines can help agents manage their time better to meet your expectations.
You should also hold your agents accountable for any deadlines. With back office software, you can easily check to make sure agents are meeting deadlines. This visibility into agent deadlines can help you hold your agents accountable for managing their time.

With back office tech, you can set deadlines to help agents prioritize and complete tasks faster. This helps agents get more done – which helps your brokerage earn more.

4. Centralize Data

Centralizing the data your agents need can also help agents improve their time management.

Your agents have to manage a lot of data (like client data, forms, paperwork, and more). With traditional storage methods, your agents have to hunt through paper documents, spreadsheets, computer folders, and more.

Searching multiple places for any data they need slows your agents down. So, they have less time to get everything done, which makes it harder to manage their time.

So, you can improve agent time management by centralizing your data storage. Instead of a mix of paper files and localized computer files, you can store everything your agents need with cloud-based back office software. Agents also don’t have to re-enter data over and over in each system. They can, instead, enter it once and see it everywhere they need.

Storing your data on the cloud means agents can access data whenever and wherever. Agents don’t have to waste time going back and forth from your office. Or, spend time hunting for the right form. Instead, agents can find everything quickly and easily – saving time and improving their time management.

Centralizing your data with back office software can help your agents manage their time better to increase efficiency and productivity, which helps you reach your brokerage goals.

5. Create and Track Goals

One last way to help your agents improve their time management with tech is by setting and tracking goals.

Successful business woman with arms up at the officeSetting goals helps agents focus and motivates them to get more done. However, not all agents set their own goals. Some might need help setting goals and meeting them. But, manually managing agent goals and progress can be a time suck. With everything else you have to do, you don’t have time to monitor every agent all the time.

With back office software, you and your agents can quickly set goals. And, you and your agents can track goal progress through an easy-to-understand dashboard. Or, agent reports that take seconds to create. That way, you can help agents stay accountable for meeting their goals – helping them improve time management to get everything done.

This boost in time management can help your agents and your brokerage close more deals and grow faster.

Wrapping It Up

Everyone has struggled with time management at some point. But, time management can be a bigger struggle for real estate agents than people in other industries. If your agents don’t manage their time well, they won’t close as many deals. So, your brokerage won’t earn as much or grow as fast as you want.

With back office software, you can help agents improve their time management through automation, breaking down tasks, setting deadlines, centralizing data, and setting and tracking goals. That way, you can maximize agent and brokerage performance.

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