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4 Quick Ways to Simplify Brokerage Onboarding to Retain Top Agents

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Is your brokerage onboarding process complicated?

Onboarding is the first impression new agents get of your brokerage. If it’s frustrating, complicated, and hard to navigate, agents won’t have a positive experience with your brokerage. In fact, a poor onboarding process can make top agents rethink choosing your brokerage.

To retain top talent, you need to simplify your brokerage onboarding process. We’ll cover 4 quick ways to do just that. Let’s take a look at the first way to simplify brokerage onboarding to retain top agents – checklists.

1. Onboarding checklists

The first way to simplify your brokerage onboarding to retain top talent is by using onboarding checklists.

Onboarding usually requires agents to complete a lot of tasks, like uploading licenses, tax forms, and other documents. With so many steps to do, it’s easy for your agents to skip a part of your onboarding process. Missed steps can lead to compliance headaches down the road for both you and your agents – which can cause your agents to leave for another brokerage.

With onboarding checklists, your new agents can clearly see every step they need to do and check them off as they go. This makes it easy for your agents to complete everything for onboarding – preventing compliance issues in the future.

The right back office software makes creating onboarding checklists a breeze. With this software, your team can create a general onboarding checklist, assign it to each agent, and even customize the checklist in a few clicks. That way, your team can ensure agent compliance without wasting time – boosting their productivity.

Adopting back office software with onboarding checklists is a quick way to ensure compliance and simplify onboarding – helping you retain top talent.

2. Automated reminders

Another way to simplify your onboarding process to retain top agents is by automating reminders.

Your agents need to complete onboarding before they can start working for your brokerage. However, it can be easy for agents to forget to finish onboarding before they’re scheduled to start working. Forgetting onboarding steps can lead to a delay in working with clients and closing deals – leading to frustrated agents who don’t want to stay with your brokerage.

While your team can manually remind agents to complete onboarding, it can be hard for your team to remind every agent, which leads to agents falling through the cracks. And this manual work is time-consuming – preventing your team from focusing on high-value tasks.

The right back office software can automate onboarding reminders. This ensures your agents remember to complete onboarding on time while reducing your team’s workload. That way, you can have happy agents and a highly productive back office team – leading to brokerage growth.

Back office software with automated reminders can simplify onboarding for both new agents and your team – leading to more satisfied and productive agents who stay with your brokerage.

3. Cloud technology

Along with automating reminders, another way to simplify onboarding to retain agents is to use cloud-based tech.

Onboarding can be a lengthy process. Back office software that requires agents to be in the office to onboard can make the whole process longer and more tedious. Instead of onboarding from anywhere, your agents have to take hours out of their day to onboard at your office – reducing agent satisfaction and retention.

With the right back office software that’s cloud-based, your new agents can onboard from anywhere. Cloud-based software stores your brokerage data on the cloud, enabling your team and agents to access it from anywhere. That way, your agents can save time and do onboarding from anywhere, which creates a better first impression for your brokerage.

Empowering new agents to onboard from anywhere at any time boosts satisfaction and makes top talent want to stay at your brokerage.

4. Agent profiles

Lastly, you can simplify onboarding with back office software with agent profiles.

Every new agent is going to have different needs during onboarding. For example, some may need more training with your tech, while others get it easily. Having a one-size-fits-all onboarding process makes it hard to meet the needs of each agent – leading to dissatisfaction and low retention.

The right back office software makes it easy to personalize onboarding with agent profiles. Your back office team can quickly create unique profiles for each agent. With these profiles, your team can track agent onboarding and personalize it in just a few clicks.

Back office software with agent profiles allows your team to customize onboarding for each agent. This customization ensures top talent gets what they need from onboarding – boosting retention and brokerage growth.

Wrapping it up

Onboarding is crucial for setting up new agents to succeed at your brokerage. It’s also one of the first interactions agents have with your brokerage, so it sets the tone for your entire relationship. If your onboarding process is complicated, frustrating, and hard to navigate, it can make agents dissatisfied with your brokerage – leading to agent retention problems.

The good news is you can quickly simplify your onboarding process with the right back office software. This software can streamline onboarding with onboarding checklists, automated reminders, cloud-based tech, and agent profiles. With this software, you can create an onboarding process that makes agents want to stay with your brokerage.

If you’re looking for the best back office software to simplify your onboarding, Brokermint is the way to go. Brokermint’s complete, cloud-based back office platform empowers agents to onboard from anywhere. Plus, Brokermint’s agent management module has onboarding checklists, automated reminders, and agent profiles to further streamline onboarding.

Along with agent management, Brokermint has four other core modules – transaction management, commission automation, accounting, and reporting/analytics. With these five modules, you’ll have everything you need to streamline and modernize your back office.

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