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5 Things Top Agents Want in Your Onboarding Process

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Does your onboarding process represent your brokerage well?

Top agents have a lot of choices when it comes to brokerages. If your brokerage doesn’t live up to their expectations, your top agents will choose somewhere else – hurting your brokerage growth.

Your onboarding process is your first opportunity to prove your brokerage’s value to these top agents. A slow, frustrating, and low-tech onboarding experience can make top producers second-guess choosing your brokerage.  

That’s why you need to provide an onboarding process that has everything top agents want. Wondering how? We’ll cover everything you need to know to create a great onboarding process. To start, let’s look at the first aspect of onboarding top producers want – ease.

1. Easy

The first thing top agents want your onboarding process to be is easy.

When onboarding, new agents have to learn how to use your tech stack. While navigating your tech stack, agents have to go through a lot of steps, upload or send in a variety of documents, and correctly enter their information. If you have a large and complicated tech stack, your onboarding process will be needlessly frustrating for new agents.

To make your onboarding process easy, you need to consolidate your tech stack. Instead of having a separate system for CRM, lead generation, transaction management, accounting, agent management, and more, you need complete front and back office platforms. With only two tech tools to navigate, your onboarding process will be much easier for new top producers.

2. Fast

Top agents also want your onboarding process to be speedy – so they can get to working with clients and closing deals.

Onboarding can feel like an endless series of tasks, document uploads, and data entry. With so much to do, it’s easy for new agents to get turned around and forget steps. New agents then have to waste more time going back to complete missed steps – dragging the onboarding process out longer and leading to unhappy agents.

With the right agent management software, you can make onboarding fast and easy through checklists. When new agents begin onboarding, they’ll see a tailor-made onboarding checklist that lays out every step they need to do. That way, agents can quickly go through each step and not waste time hunting for steps they missed.

A fast onboarding process boosts new agent satisfaction – and helps them get to growing your brokerage faster.

3. High tech

Along with a fast onboarding process, top agents also want a high-tech onboarding experience.

Manual onboarding is more work for both new agents and your back office team. With manual onboarding, new agents have to submit paper documents, fill out paper forms, and learn manual client management tools. Your back office team has to manually collect and process all of the paper files from agent onboarding. This wastes time for your back office team. And, it can make new agents consider finding a new brokerage with modern systems. 

To create a high-tech onboarding process that will impress top producers, you need a complete back office platform with agent management. This platform will digitize your onboarding process to reduce manual work for agents and your back office team.

Instead of having to do everything on paper, new agents can quickly submit and fill out documents digitally. While onboarding, new agents can also learn the ropes of your high-tech client and agent management tools – which will give them an advantage over competitors. A high-tech onboarding process helps set top performers up for even more success at your brokerage.

4. Compliant

In addition to a high-tech onboarding process, top agents also want an onboarding process that ensures compliance.

During onboarding, agents need to submit all required documents and forms to be compliant. With a manual onboarding process, it’s easy for agents to forget a document or miss a form. However, compliance mistakes can lead to major headaches for agents and your brokerage – so agents want an onboarding process that makes it easy to be compliant.

Back office software with agent management makes it easy to ensure agents are compliant. With this software, your back office team can create checklists that require each step to be completed before moving on. So, agents have to submit the required compliance documents before finishing onboarding. This simplifies compliance – and lays the foundation for top agents to be successful at and satisfied with your brokerage. 

5. Personalized

Lastly, top agents want a personalized onboarding process.

Onboarding isn’t one size fits all. While all agents need to submit the same required documents and forms, not all agents have the same onboarding needs. Some top agents may be more experienced, interested in particular transaction types, or well-versed in your tech. Having every agent complete the exact same onboarding process means the needs of some top producers fall through the cracks.

With the right back office software with agent management, you can create custom onboarding templates and agent profiles. Custom templates allow you to tailor the onboarding process to each agent’s needs. Agent profiles allow you to track everything by agent and set personalized goals to help your agents reach their potential.

A personalized onboarding process helps you meet the needs of every agent – leading to high agent morale and performance.

Wrapping it up

If your onboarding process is cumbersome, tedious, and time-consuming, top agents will have a rocky start with your brokerage. This can lead to low agent satisfaction. And, your clunky onboarding process can push top agents to find a new brokerage with high-tech tools and smooth processes.

So, you need to create an onboarding process that has everything your top agents want. With back office software, you can create an onboarding process that’s easy, fast, high-tech, compliant, and personalized. A great onboarding process enables your brokerage to impress and retain top producers – helping your brokerage reach its growth goals.

If you’re looking for back office software that provides a great onboarding process, Brokermint is the way to go. As a complete back office platform, Brokermint makes it simple to create an easy, fast, and high-tech onboarding process. Brokermint’s onboarding checklists make compliance a breeze. And, Brokermint’s agent management with personalized agent profiles and goal setting helps you tailor onboarding to each agent.

Along with agent management, Brokermint’s platform also offers transaction management, commission automation, accounting, and reporting/analytics. With Brokermint’s innovative, cloud-based platform, you’ll have everything you need to streamline and modernize your back office.

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