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How to Attract Top Producers to Your Real Estate Brokerage

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Do you want to grow your brokerage, keep production high, and satisfy clients?

Then you need top agents. High-performing agents have the skills and experience necessary to keep their pipeline full, delight clients, generate referrals, and maximize repeat business. Top agents close more deals than other agents – helping your brokerage grow faster.

Top performers are in high demand. Your brokerage needs to stand out to attract top agents. If your brokerage doesn’t offer tools, support, and pay that’s better than the competition, you’ll struggle to attract the best agents.

If you’re looking for ways to attract top producers to your real estate brokerage, you’re in the right place. We’ll cover the top five ways to attract high-performing agents. Let’s take a look at the first way – pay commissions quickly.

1. Fast commission payout

Happy businessman holding money over gray backgroundThe first way to attract top talent is to pay commissions quickly.

Top agents work hard for their commissions. After putting in the work to close deals, high-performing agents want to be paid quickly. If you take days, weeks, or months to pay commissions, you’ll not only struggle to attract new top agents but also lose your current top producers.

To pay agents faster, you need the right back office software with next-day ACH payments. An inefficient transaction management process can slow down agent payment. With back office software, you can streamline your transaction management, accounting, and commission calculation processes. That way, your team can process transactions and calculation commissions faster.

Once you’re ready to pay agents, back office software with next-day ACH payments can get the money to agents faster. Your team doesn’t have to print, mail, or hand off checks. Instead, they can use next-day ACH payments to put money directly in agent bank accounts. This next-day transfer can cut out days or weeks of payment wait time for top agents. 

Paying agents faster than other brokerages can help you attract the top talent you need to grow your brokerage.

2. Create custom commission structures

Along with paying agents fast, creating the right commission structures can help you attract top agents.

Your commission structure determines how much agents make from every sale. Top producers don’t want to work at a brokerage with low commission splits or few tiers. Without a commission structure that motivates top agents, you’ll struggle to attract talent.

But, managing custom commission structures can be time-consuming for your team. Your team has to manually track tiers and splits on a spreadsheet. Even if your team has commission calculation software, it may not support custom commission structures. This can make custom commission structures so frustrating that you don’t bother with them – making it harder to attract top agents.

With the right back office software, managing custom commission structures is easy. Your team only has to input the commission structure once. Then, the software automatically applies your commission structure to every transaction. This saves your team time – while helping you attract top agents.

3. Support all agents

Smiling agent with colleagues sitting next to herWhen you think about agent support, you probably think about supporting new agents. New agents need a lot of support. But, they aren’t the only agents your brokerage should support. To attract top agents, you also need to support your top performers.

High-performing agents don’t need help learning the ropes. But, they still have goals, strengths, and weaknesses. You should take time to discuss with top agents what they need, where they want to improve, how to overcome shortcomings, how to capitalize on their strengths, and more. This personalized support can help agents maximize their potential – and help you attract top agents.

To support all agents at every experience level, you need the right back office software. This software should have agent management capabilities (like goal setting and performance reporting). That way, you can quickly and easily check in on agents and help them stay on track.

By offering the support top performers need, you can better attract top talent to help you reach your brokerage goals.

4. Recognize success

Top agents work hard to maintain a full pipeline, delight clients, close as many deals as possible, and more. While top agents are significant contributors to brokerage success, many brokerages do little to recognize agent success.

Not recognizing agent success can make agents feel taken for granted. This can lead to top agents looking for a new brokerage. If your brokerage doesn’t celebrate agent success, top agents aren’t going to choose your brokerage when they’re ready to move.

That’s why you need multiple ways to recognize agent success. Whether it’s productivity rewards, social media shout-outs, events to recognize top performers, or any other method, your brokerage should prioritize highlighting agent success.

With the right back office software, it’s easy to keep track of agent success. You can set and monitor individual agent goals. This software can also run reports on agent performance in minutes. That way, you can consistently recognize agent success and reward top producers.

Recognizing and rewarding agent success can make your agents feel valued. It also helps you attract top agents from other brokerages who don’t highlight success.

5. Provide the right tech

businessman hand working with modern technology digital tablet computer and graphics layer effect as business strategy conceptTechnology can be the difference between success and failure for real estate agents. Top producers recognize the importance of brokerage tech. If your brokerage doesn’t provide the right tech tools, you’ll struggle to attract top talent.

If you want to attract top agents, one tech tool you need is the right CRM. Your CRM should have predictive insights, lead generation, customer websites, a mobile app, great support, integration, and more.

You should also provide a complete back office platform. This platform should have modules like transaction management, accounting, commission automation, agent management, and reporting and analytics. The right back office platform should also have top features like built-in eSignature, a mobile app, next-day ACH payments, software integration, and more.

The right tech tools give your agents a competitive advantage and help you attract top agents

Wrapping it up

Top producers can help your brokerage grow, generate more referrals and repeat clients, and more. But, top agents are in high demand. To attract these agents, you need to differentiate your brokerage from the competition.

By paying agents faster, creating motivating commission structures, supporting all agents, recognizing agent success, and providing the right tech, your brokerage can stand out and attract high-performing agents.

If you’re looking for a back office platform that has everything you need to attract top agents, Brokermint is the way to go. With next-day ACH payments, commission automation, agent management features, performance reports, and more, Brokermint can help you attract and retain top talent.

Plus, Brokermint’s five modules – transaction management, commission automation, accounting, agent management, and reporting/analytics – provide everything you need to streamline your back office. This can help you manage more transactions to grow your brokerage.

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