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Good Tech Integration is Crucial for Your Brokerage – Here’s Why

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Do your tech tools integrate well?

Good tech integration makes it easy for your team to use your tech and get more done. However, if your tech stack has poor integration, your team will struggle to get even basic tasks done – wasting resources and decreasing brokerage revenue.

Poor tech integration will hold your brokerage back. Wondering how? We’ll cover the top reasons why integration is crucial to your brokerage’s success. Let’s take a look at the first reason great integration is essential – it’s time-saving.

Save time

The first reason your brokerage needs good integration is to maximize your team’s time.

With poorly integrated tech, your team has to waste time hunting through multiple solutions to find what they need. Once they find the data they’re looking for, your team then has to manually transfer the data to any other tech tools that require it. This can suck hours each week.

However, with good integration, your team can take back their time. The right integration makes it easy and quick to find what they need. Plus, good integration removes the need to manually enter data in multiple tech tools. Having good tech integration means your team spends less time on tedious tasks and more time on helping your brokerage thrive.

Reduce mistakes

Along with saving time, good integration also reduces data entry and calculation errors.

Poor integration means your team has to manually enter data into multiple tech solutions. With so much manual data transfer, it’s easy for your team to make simple mistakes. However, these mistakes can lead to incorrect agent payment, miscounted revenue, incomplete compliance records, and more.

To avoid these issues, you need tech with good integration. Integrated tech means your team doesn’t have to manually transfer data. Instead, the data seamlessly flows between your tech tools – eliminating many human errors. With good integration, your team can boost accuracy and reduce errors.

Increase user friendliness

Another reason good integration is important for your brokerage is that it makes your tech more user-friendly.

Without good integration, your team needs to know the ins and outs of every part of your tech stack. Instead of being able to access everything from a centralized dashboard, your team has to dive into every tech tool to find what they need. Having to know so many tech tools is difficult for your team. It also hurts brokerage tech adoption – so you’re wasting money on tech no one uses.

Having good integration eliminates this problem. With a seamless data flow, your team can access the data they need from any tech tool. Your team can simply log into a dashboard and view everything – which is much easier than sorting through multiple tools. By being more user-friendly, integrated tech helps you get the most out of your investment.

Eliminate data silos

Eliminating data silos is another reason great tech integration is essential to your brokerage.

Data silos happen when a tech tool is unable to communicate with any other tech tools. All data is locked away in individual tech solution. This makes it easy for your team to lose crucial data – or be unable to find what they need when they need it. From compliance issues, to accounting problems, to stalled brokerage growth, and more, data silos can hinder your brokerage.

Good integration eliminates data silos by connecting your entire tech stack. Your team can find data from any of your tech tools. That way, your important data won’t get lost, and your team will have what they need to help your brokerage grow.

Maximize output

In addition to eliminating data silos, good integration can help your team maximize their output.

Poor integration holds your team back. They have to waste time hunting for data, manually entering it in tools, saving it in the right place, and more. All the time spent on these tedious tasks reduces how much your team can get done every day.

To maximize your team’s output, you need good integration. With the right integration, your team can find the data they need in seconds. Your team also doesn’t have to waste time on data entry. Fewer tedious tasks mean your team can get more done each day – helping your brokerage reach its potential.

Retain talent

The last reason good integration is crucial for your brokerage is that it helps you retain talent.

Bad integration makes it difficult and frustrating for your back office team to do its job. Talented team members may look to move to another brokerage that has an easier-to-use tech stack. This can leave you short-staffed in the back office and limit the number of transactions your brokerage can manage.

Switching to tech tools with good integration can help you retain back office team members. By making your tech stack easier to use, your back office team can accomplish more with less frustration. This helps you retain your back office staff – while also maximizing brokerage growth.

Wrapping it up

Poor tech integration can hold your brokerage back. Without good integration, your tech stack is hard to use, error-prone, time-consuming, and more. All of which make it hard for your team to manage your back office and contribute to brokerage growth.

However, with the right integration, your team can maximize their output to help your brokerage thrive.

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