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How to Choose the Right Back Office App for Your Real Estate Brokerage

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Do you use a back office app?

The right back office app empowers you and your agents to do any back office task on the go. From monitoring your pipeline, to keeping track of checklists, to creating and sending eSignature documents, and more, a back office app can help you manage your back office from anywhere.

A back office app sounds great. But, how do you choose the right one? We’ll cover everything you need to know to choose the right back office app for your brokerage. To start, let’s take a look at the first way to find the best app for your brokerage – making sure it’s full-featured.

Step 1: Choose a full-featured app

Business woman using app on a smart phoneThe first step to choosing the right back office app is to make sure it has the same functionality as your back office software.

Your back office consists of transaction management, agent management, reporting/analytics, offer management, eSignatures, and more. Yet, some back office apps only help you manage offers or agent goals. You can’t manage the rest of your back office with these apps. Instead, you have to use your regular back office software.

That’s why you should look for a full-featured back office app. With a comprehensive back office app, you can manage transactions, your pipeline, eSignatures, checklists, and more from your smartphone. This can save you and your agents time and eliminate unnecessary travel back to the office – freeing you and your agents up to focus on brokerage growth tasks.

Step 2: Make sure it’s simple to use

In addition to choosing a full-featured app, you should look for a back office app that’s simple to use.

A back office app should make your life and your agents’ lives easier. But, some apps make managing your back office on the go frustrating and complicated. A confusing user interface and difficult navigation can make using a back office app more difficult than traveling back to the office or home to use your back office software.

Choosing a back office app that’s simple to use eliminates these frustrations. With an intuitive user interface, simple navigation, easy-to-use document storage, and more, your back office app will be exceptionally easy to use. You and your agents won’t have to fight with your app. Instead, you and your agents can quickly and easily access all the back office info you need on the go.

With the right back office app that’s easy to use, you and your agents will save time and frustration.

Step 3: Look for built-in eSignature

Young couple signing financial contrat on digital tablet-2Another important feature to look for in a back office app is built-in eSignature.

Your agents often need to create offers and send them for eSignature while on the go. However, many back office mobile apps don’t have built-in eSignature. If your agents want to create signature documents, they have to waste time going back to the office or finding a place to use their laptops.

A back office app with built-in eSignature eliminates this needless travel time. Instead, your agents can quickly create and send eSignature documents from their smartphones from anywhere. This not only saves your agents time but also helps them serve clients better. By serving clients better, your agents can generate more referrals and repeat business.

Step 4: Manage checklists and to-dos

Along with looking for built-in eSignature, you should also choose a back office app with checklist and to-do management.

It can be hard for agents to remember to do all steps of each different transaction every time. Transaction checklists make it easy for agents to do every transaction correctly the first time. To-do lists help agents stay on track to meet their goals.

With agents always on the go, they need to manage their transaction checklists and to-do lists from anywhere. Yet, many back office apps don’t let agents manage transaction checklists or cross off to-dos.

When choosing a back office app, you should make sure it allows agents to manage transaction checklists and to-dos. That way, your agents can check off transaction management steps and other to-dos on the go – speeding up the transaction management process. This enables your team to manage more transactions, helping you meet your brokerage goals.

Step 5: Monitor transaction pipelines

Closeup of female hand using a smart phone. Shallow depth of fieldAnother key feature you should look for in a back office app is the ability to monitor pipelines.

Full agent pipelines help agents maximize their potential and help you grow your brokerage. To keep their pipelines full, your agents need to monitor them. However, some back office apps don’t allow agents to keep an eye on their pipeline. If agents want to check in, they have to go back to the office or find a place to use their laptop – wasting time and hurting productivity.

With a back office app with pipeline monitoring, your agents don’t have to waste time. Instead, they can check their pipeline on their smartphone from anywhere. Your agents can quickly see all listings, pending and closed transactions, and more. That way, your agents know whether they need to find more clients or should concentrate on the clients they have.

Choosing a back office app with pipeline monitoring helps your agents stay on top of their pipeline to close more transactions and grow your brokerage.

Wrapping it up

With a back office app, you and your agents can manage your back office from anywhere. However, many back office apps offer limited functionality. They can also be frustrating to use and time wasters.

That’s why it’s important to choose the right back office app. You should look for a back office app that’s full-featured, simple to use, has built-in eSignatures, transaction checklist and to-do management, and pipeline monitoring.

If you’re looking for the best back office app, Brokermint is the way to go. Brokermint’s back office app is exceptionally easy to use. It’s also full-featured. And, Brokermint’s mobile app has built-in eSignatures, checklist and to-do management, pipeline monitoring, and more.

Along with a best-in-class back office app, Brokermint is also a complete back office platform. Its cloud-based and easy-to-use platform has five modules – transaction management, commission automation, accounting, agent management, and reporting/analytics. Brokermint’s back office platform has everything you need to streamline your back office and grow your brokerage.

Book your Brokermint demo today to see how the right back office app can save time, improve agent productivity, and help you reach your brokerage goals.