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How to Grow Your Real Estate Brokerage with Offer Management Software

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Are you looking for new ways to grow your brokerage?

You’ve tried all the traditional ways to increase brokerage growth (like hiring more top agents). But, you haven’t reached your growth goals. So, you need a new way to increase brokerage growth. The right offer management software can help.

With the right offer management software, you can boost agent and team efficiency, delight clients, and ramp up your sales volume.

Wondering how? We’ll cover the top ways the right offer management software can help your brokerage grow. Let’s take a look at the first way – boosting agent efficiency.

Step 1: Increase agent efficiency

The first way offer management software can help you grow your brokerage is by making your agents more efficient.  

Managing offers the traditional way creates a lot of tedious tasks for your agents. They have to constantly check their emails, texts, and messages for new offers. Once your agents receive offers, they have to keep track of the offers and related paperwork. Your agents also have to compile offers so clients can find the best one.

All of these manual offer management tasks can waste hours of your agents’ time every week. Instead of working with clients, closing more deals, or any other high-value tasks, your agents are stuck tediously managing offers.

With the right offer management software, your agents can take back their time. This software can automatically notify agents of new offers and store all offer-related documents. Offer management software can also compile all offers into one, easy-to-understand dashboard. Plus, offer management software can streamline agent and client communication.

Offer management software can help your agents more efficiently manage offers. With the time they save, your agents can close more deals – helping your brokerage grow.

Step 2: Speed up transaction management

Close up of business man hand working on laptop computer with social media diagram and chart graph on wooden desk as concept-1Another way offer management software can help you grow your brokerage is by helping your team manage more transactions.

Manual offer management can slow down your transaction management. Agents take more time to manage offers, communicate with clients and other agents, and do any other offer management tasks. Plus, manual offer management makes it easy for your agents to make mistakes – further slowing down your transaction management process.

A slow transaction management process limits how many transactions your team can manage. Managing fewer transactions can reduce brokerage growth and make it hard to reach your goals.

The right offer management software can help your team manage more transactions. Offer management software can help agents manage offers more efficiently with automatic notifications, central storage, offer aggregation, and more. This also helps your back office team manage transactions faster – allowing them to manage more transactions.

Offer management software can streamline and speed up your transaction management process. With your team managing more transactions, your brokerage can generate more revenue – helping you meet your brokerage growth goals.

Step 3: Create a better client experience

Along with helping you manage more transactions, offer management software can help you improve the client experience to generate more referrals and repeat business.  

Home selling is already a stressful experience for clients. Your agents should make the home selling process as easy as possible to alleviate this stress. However, manual offer management can increase client stress and create a negative client experience.

With traditional offer management, it’s easy for your agents to miss incoming offers, forget to communicate with clients, and misplace offer documents. When it’s time for clients to choose the best offer, manual offer management makes it hard to view them side by side to choose the best offer. These issues result in a poor client experience – and few referrals or repeat business.

The right offer management software can help your agents delight clients. This software makes it easy for agents to keep track of everything for each listing. With offer notifications, automatic offer grouping by listing, a comparative view, and more, offer management software helps your agent manage offers like a pro.

Better offer management makes the home selling process better for clients. Instead of clients having to worry about missing offers, sorting through endless offers, and more, your agents can simplify the process with offer management software. This creates a better client experience – leading to more referrals and repeat business to help you grow your brokerage.

Step 4: Improve compliance

Compliance Concept. Word on Folder Register of Card Index. Selective Focus.One last way offer management software can help you grow your brokerage is by improving compliance.

When managing offers, your agents have to keep track of offers, agent and client messages, and any offer-related documents. Manual offer management requires agents to organize and store all offer documents and communication themselves. With everything else your agents have to do, it’s easy to forget to store offer documents and communication.

But, improper record keeping and storage can lead to compliance headaches down the road for both you and your agents. Compliance problems can cost you top agents and make it hard to reach your brokerage goals.

The right offer management software can improve your compliance by automatically storing all offers, related documents, and communication between agents and clients. Your agents no longer have to worry about organizing and storing offers. Instead, offer management software can automatically store all relevant info with the right listing.

Offer management software can free your agents up to focus on high-value tasks (like working with clients) while improving your compliance – both of which can help you grow your brokerage.

Wrapping it up

Manual offer management slows your agents and team down. Traditional offer management also creates a negative client experience and can lead to compliance issues. If your agents manage offers manually, it can slow down your brokerage growth and stop you from meeting your brokerage goals.

That’s why you need offer management software. The right offer management software can increase agent efficiency, speed up transaction management, enhance the client experience, and improve compliance. That way, you can maximize your brokerage growth.

If you’re looking for the best offer management software to help your brokerage grow, Brokermint is the way to go. Brokermint’s offer management software has the offer management features you need to grow your brokerage – like automatic offer notifications, offer organization by listing, offer comparison, a complete pipeline view, and more.

Along with offer management software, Brokermint is also a complete, cloud-based back office platform. Its five modules (transaction management, commission automation, accounting, agent management, and reporting/analytics) have everything you need to streamline your back office to maximize growth. 

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