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How to Increase Agent Accountability to Grow Your Brokerage

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How do you hold your agents accountable?

Holding your agents accountable can help them get more done, close more deals, and generate more revenue for your brokerage. But, holding every agent and team accountable manually can be a time suck. Having to keep track of goals and progress with spreadsheets or paper files can waste hours every week.

The good news is you don’t have to manage accountability manually. Instead, the right back office software makes it a breeze to increase agent accountability to grow your brokerage. Wondering how? That’s what we’ll cover in this post. First, let’s take a look at what exactly agent accountability is.

What is agent accountability?

Agent accountability involves agents taking responsibility for their actions. Accountability also means that agents accomplish all tasks expected of them on time and correctly. When agents are accountable, they’re transparent and willing to be evaluated.

While agent accountability involves personal responsibility, your agents need clear goals and expectations to be accountable. If agents don’t know what tasks they need to accomplish or goals they need to meet, they can’t do what they’re supposed to – making accountability impossible.

Why does agent accountability matter?

Part of being accountable is accomplishing everything that’s expected. Increased accountability means higher agent productivity and performance. Accountable agents hit the goals you set and reach the sales volume you want. By increasing agent accountability, you can boost agent performance and grow your brokerage.

Accountable agents also inspire other agents and teams. Agents with high accountability are usually top performers. They set an example for your other agents and push them to do more. Increasing agent accountability can increase the number of top performers and inspire other agents to do more to grow your brokerage.

How can you increase agent accountability?

Increasing agent accountability can improve performance, inspire your agents, and help your agents close more deals to grow your brokerage. How can you increase agent accountability? Here are the top three ways to boost agent accountability:

1. Set goals

businessman hand working with new modern computer and business strategy as conceptThe first way to increase agent accountability is to set goals.

Without goals, your agents don’t know what they’re working towards. They don’t know how many deals they should close or what their target sales volume should be. This uncertainty makes agents less productive and keeps them from reaching their potential.

To maximize agent productivity, you need to set clear and achievable agent goals. But, manually setting goals with every agent and keeping track of them is time-consuming and tedious. You don’t have hours to waste every week with manual goal setting and storage.

Instead of manually setting goals for agents, you need back office software with agent goal setting. With this software, you can electronically set goals for every agent. The software automatically stores the goals so that you don’t have to. You can set agent goals in just a few clicks with the right back office software.

Setting agent goals helps agents know what they’re supposed to do. This makes it easier for agents to get everything done – boosting accountability and helping your brokerage grow.

2. Track progress

close up of businessman hand working on laptop computer with financial business graph information diagram on wooden desk as conceptAlong with setting goals, tracking goal process can help keep agents accountable.

While some agents just need a goal to work towards to be accountable, other agents need a little more help. These agents need you to track their progress and let them know when they’re falling behind. By providing progress reminders, you can help your agents be more accountable and maximize productivity.

Much like goal setting, manually tracking progress for every agent can be time-consuming. Tracking progress for every agent can take up a significant chunk of your time – leaving you little time to focus on brokerage growth tasks.

The right back office software can make progress tracking easier and faster. Instead of hunting for agent progress info in spreadsheets, emails, or paper files, you can see all agent progress in one, easy-to-understand dashboard. With just a glance, you can find out who’s making great progress – and who needs a little help.

Tracking agent progress helps keep agents on track and accountable. Progress tracking can also boost agent productivity – leading to more brokerage growth.

3. Compare agents and teams

Pretty young lady taking a decision with scale above her headOne last way to increase agent accountability is by comparing agent performance to other agents and teams.

While it’s important to set individual agent goals, you should also make sure the agent goals are in line with the rest of your brokerage. Setting goals without comparison to other agents and teams can create unrealistically high goals, which reduces agent morale. You could also be setting agent goals that are too low, which keeps agents from reaching their full potential.

But, it can be hard to compare agent and team performance. You have to hunt for agent/team data, put it into a spreadsheet, manually compare performance, and spot any underperforming agents. This can be a headache and a time suck.

Rather than manually comparing agent and team performance, you need back office software. This software automatically compiles agent and team performance data into one, easy-to-understand dashboard. That way, you can compare agent performance in minutes and quickly spot any agents who need readjusted goals.

By comparing agent and team performance and goals, you can make sure agents set the right goals. This increases accountability by making sure that goals are challenging but still achievable. With the right goals, agents can maximize productivity and help your brokerage grow.

Wrapping it up

Accountable agents perform better, close more deals, and boost profits, which can help you reach your brokerage goals. While accountability involves individual responsibility, your agents also need you to set clear expectations and goals. Without these expectations, your agents will struggle to be accountable – reducing revenue and hurting your brokerage growth.

The easiest way to increase agent accountability is with the right back office software. This software makes it fast and simple to set goals, track progress, and compare agent/team performance. With the right back office software, you don’t have to spend much time on agent management – while still boosting agent accountability and brokerage revenue.

If you’re looking for the best back office software for agent accountability, Brokermint is the way to go. Brokermint’s agent management software makes it easy to set goals, track progress, and compare agent performance from easy-to-understand dashboards.

Along with agent accountability features, Brokermint is also a complete, cloud-based back office platform. Its five modules (transaction management, commission automation, accounting, agent management, and reporting/analytics) have everything you need to streamline your back office to boost productivity and grow your brokerage.

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