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Do More with Less: Hiring Great Real Estate Office Staff Is Hard

Are you struggling to hire back office talent?

Your agents are essential to growing your brokerage. However, even the best agents need back office staff to help handle transactions, expedite commissions, and take care of other administrative tasks. Without back office staff, your agents ...

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5 Ways to Increase Real Estate Agent and Staff Tech Adoption

The right technology can help you grow your brokerage, cut costs, provide a better client experience, attract top agents, and more. However, you’ll only see those benefits if your team actually uses your tech.

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How to Simplify Real Estate Commission Calculation

Is commission calculation a pain for you or your team?

From pulling transaction data, to determining splits, to getting payments out, to ...

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Brokermint Announces Updates to Mobile App, Transaction Module, and Accounting Capabilities

New enhancements offer even greater flexibility and efficiency for both transactions and office billing functions.

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How to Improve Real Estate Agent Time Management with Technology

Your brokerage depends on your agents. How much they can get done determines how much your brokerage can grow.

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6 Real Estate Back Office Tech Myths That Hold Back Your Brokerage

Do you believe these common back office technology myths?

Real Estate Back Office

5 Ways Back Office Automation Can Unleash Growth

Are you looking for a better way to grow your brokerage?

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How to Manage More Real Estate Transactions—Without Hiring More Staff

You want to grow your brokerage. So, you add agents and close more deals. But, this increases work for your team. That means you need to hire more team members to handle more transactions.

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Data Silos Are Dragging Your Brokerage Down—How to Fix It

When systems don’t talk to each other, your brokerage suffers. So what can you do?

Data silos are a (mostly) silent weight that slow your business, reduce your profits, and make people mad. We say “mostly” silent because you probably hear the sounds of data silos around your office.

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6 Ways to Increase the ROI of Your Brokerage Tech Tools

Are you getting the most out of your tech tools?

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