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How Transaction Management Software Can Help Agents Meet Deadlines

Real Estate Back Office

Do your agents struggle with deadlines?

Meeting deadlines is crucial for agents to keep clients happy, maximize productivity, and close deals. However, even your top agents can struggle to meet deadlines. Between prospecting, working with clients, managing offers, ensuring compliance, and more, your agents have a lot to remember. Missing deadlines can create headaches for you and your agents.

The easiest way to keep your agents on track is with transaction management software. Wondering how? We’ll cover the top ways transaction management can make meeting deadlines a breeze. To start, let’s take a look at the first way – daily views.

1. Daily task overviews

The first way transaction management can help agents meet deadlines is by providing a daily task overview.

With so many tasks to handle, it can be difficult for your agents to know which tasks to get done and when. Your agents may prioritize the wrong tasks for a certain day – leading to them missing important deadlines.

Transaction management software with daily task overviews makes it easy for your agents to know which tasks they need to do today. Your agents can simply log into your transaction management software and see their tasks for each day in one list. That way, your agents can prioritize the right tasks to get everything done on time.

Daily task overviews in transaction management software can help your agents meet deadlines by doing the right tasks each day.

2. To-do lists

Along with daily task overviews, transaction management software can help your agents meet deadlines with custom to-do lists.

Creating lists makes it easier for your agents to remember all tasks they need to do. However, paper lists are easy to lose or forget to pack. As such, when your agents are out in the field, they’ll have to remember each task that needs to get done – leading to forgotten tasks and missed deadlines.

With transaction management software, your agents can create digital to-do lists that live on the cloud. That way, your agents can access comprehensive task lists from anywhere on any device. Your agents don’t have to worry about remembering paper lists or local files. Instead, they can pull up everything they need to do on their phones or tablets.

Digital, cloud-based to-do lists travel with your agents – making it easy to remember all tasks and meet deadlines.

3. Automated task reminders

Another way transaction management software can help agents meet deadlines is with automated reminders.

Even with thorough to-do lists, tasks can slip through the cracks. Agents can get too busy to check their lists or miss items on their lists. Although your agents are organized, forgetting even a few tasks can result in missed deadlines and unhappy clients.

Transaction management software can automatically remind your agents of tasks with due dates. Depending on agent preferences, the software can send one or multiple reminders for tasks that aren’t done by a certain date. This creates one less thing for your agents to worry about while still helping them meet deadlines.

With automated reminders, your agents can spend less time worrying about deadlines and more time working with clients and closing deals.

4. Proactive alerts

In addition to reminders, transaction management software with proactive alerts can also help agents meet deadlines.

With manual task management, agents may put off important tasks until the last moment. Whether your agents are just super busy or natural procrastinators, waiting until the last minute makes it hard to do tasks well. This not only leads to missed deadlines but also subpar work – which reflects poorly on your brokerage.

Proactive alerts from transaction management software can help your agents get ahead of tasks. Whereas reminders help agents remember impending deadlines, proactive alerts help agents get started on tasks with enough time to do them well. By helping agents know when to start on tasks, proactive alerts can help agents meet deadlines.

Transaction management with proactive alerts can help agents have enough time to complete their tasks well and meet deadlines.

5. Transaction checklists

Lastly, transaction management software can help your agents meet deadlines with transaction checklists.

For every transaction your agents do, they have to remember many steps in a specific order. If they miss a step, your agents have to waste time going back to complete the step. Your agents may not realize they missed a crucial transaction step until the deadline – causing them to miss it.

Transaction management software with transaction checklists can make sure your agents never miss a step. With transaction checklists, your agents can’t move on to the next step until they complete the one before. That way, your agents can complete transactions the right way the first time – helping them save time and meet deadlines.

Wrapping it up

Meeting deadlines is essential to agent success, brokerage growth, and client satisfaction. But, even the most organized agent can get overwhelmed by manually managing all their day-to-day tasks.

To help agents meet deadlines, you need transaction management software. With transaction software, agents no longer have to manually remember every task. Instead, with tools like daily overviews, cloud-based to-do lists, automated reminders, proactive alerts, and transaction checklists, your agents can meet deadlines with less work. That frees agents up to focus their time on delighting clients and growing your brokerage.

If you’re looking for transaction management software with the right tools to help your agents meet deadlines, Brokermint is the way to go. Brokermint’s transaction management module has daily overviews, cloud-based to-do lists, and transaction checklists. Plus, Brokermint can automate reminders and send proactive alerts.

Along with transaction management, Brokermint’s complete back office platform also has commission automation, accounting, agent management, and reporting/analytics. Brokermint’s five powerful modules have everything you need to modernize and streamline your back office.

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