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How to Supercharge Agent Prospecting with Real Estate Back Office Software

Real Estate Back Office

Could your agents use a prospecting boost?

Great prospecting is crucial for agents to have a full pipeline, close as many deals as possible, and help grow your brokerage. When you think about the best prospecting tech, you probably think about CRMs and other front office tools. However, the right back office software can also help your agents transform their prospecting.

Wondering how? You’re in the right place. We’ll cover everything you need to know to improve agent prospecting with back office software. To start, let’s take a look at the first way back office software can supercharge agent prospecting – reporting.

1. Lead generation reports

The first way back office software can help agents boost their prospecting is through lead generation reporting.

Agents prospect with a variety of methods – like social media, cold calling, and more. The key to successful prospecting is to figure out what works and double down on it. However, manually evaluating prospecting methods can be time-consuming and tedious. As such, many agents stick with what they’re doing now – which can be dragging down their prospecting.

Back office software with reporting and analytics makes it easy to figure out what works and what doesn’t. This software can automatically create lead generation reports that make it simple to see what methods have the highest success rates. Then, your agents can lean into what’s working and drop what isn’t – making their prospecting more effective.

With back office software with lead generation reporting, your agents can supercharge their prospecting by knowing what prospecting methods work the best.

2. Set agent goals

Another way back office software can help agents transform their prospecting is by making goal setting easy.

To be successful at prospecting, agents need to know what their prospecting target is (like hours spent on prospecting or lead conversions). Setting prospecting goals can help agents have a clear understanding of what they need to do to succeed. Manual goal setting for every agent can be a huge time suck. With how much you have to get done every day, it’s easy to let this goal setting fall through the cracks.

The right back office software makes setting prospecting goals a breeze. Instead of having to write down and manually store all goals, you can use back office software to digitally create, track, and share agent goals in seconds. This makes it easy to make sure all agents know what they need to do to be successful at prospecting.

Back office software with goal setting can supercharge agent prospecting by helping agents know exactly what they need to do to keep their pipeline full.

3. Track agent performance

Along with goal setting, tracking agent performance is another way back office software can help agents up their prospecting game.

While setting goals is important to successful prospecting, it’s only a start. You and your agents also need to track progress on prospecting goals. This helps keep agents accountable and on track. Like goal setting, goal tracking can be time intensive. You have to gather agent prospecting information, sort through it, and see how it compares to their goals. However, it can be almost impossible to find time to do this for every agent – resulting in little goal tracking.

To keep agents accountable and on track with prospecting, you need back office software with agent performance tracking. With this software, you can automatically generate agent performance reports in seconds. This makes it easy to see whether agents are on track with prospecting or need a push.

With back office software, agent prospecting performance tracking is quick and easy – making it a breeze to keep agents on track and successful with prospecting.

4. Provide the best tech

In addition to agent performance tracking, back office software can help your agents supercharge their prospecting by providing top-of-the-line tech tools.

Technology is an essential part of prospecting, working with clients, and closing deals. Yet, many brokerages have a fragmented and hard-to-use tech stack that holds their agents back. For prospecting, the wrong tech makes it hard to know who to contact when, what’s working (and what isn’t), goal progression, and more.

To boost agent prospecting, you need a complete back office platform with great integration. A complete back office platform has everything your agents need (like lead gen reports or performance tracking) all in one, easy-to-use place. Good integration means your back office software can seamlessly send and receive data from your front office platform – making lead generation and prospecting performance tracking reporting simple and efficient.

The right back office technology can unlock your agents’ potential – boosting their prospecting and lead conversion.

5. Access tech on the go

Lastly, back office software can improve agent prospecting by making everything your agents need available on the go.

Agents spend most of their day in the field. However, some back office platforms require agents to be in the office to access lead generation reports, goal setting and tracking, and other prospecting features. If your agents want to use your back office software, they have to spend time traveling to and from your office – reducing the time they can prospect and work with clients.

Back office software that’s cloud-based eliminates the need to be in the office to use it. Instead, with the cloud, your agents can access what they need to prospect from anywhere. A back office mobile app makes it even easier to access prospecting info on the go. Agents can see everything they need on their phones or tablets.

With less time spent trying to access prospecting info, agents can use cloud-based back office software with a mobile app to spend more time prospecting and getting new clients.

Wrapping it up

A full pipeline means agents will have clients in both now and in the future. But, agents will only have a full pipeline if they’re successful at prospecting. You probably know how crucial front office tools are to prospecting. However, the right back office tech can be just as essential. And this tech can provide what your agents need to level up their prospecting game.

The right back office software can supercharge agent prospecting by helping agents figure out what works, setting goals, tracking prospecting performance, providing the best technology, and making everything available on the go.

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Along with tools to boost prospecting, Brokermint has five modules (transaction management, commission automation, accounting, agent management, and reporting/analytics). With these five modules, you’ll have everything you need to streamline and modernize your back office.

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