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How Back Office Software Helps Agents Get More Done with Less Busy Work

Real Estate Back Office

Are your agents held back by tedious busy work?

To grow, you need your agents to close as many deals as possible. However, without the right tech, your agents will spend too much time creating documents, managing communication, looking for data, and other manual tasks. This limits how many transactions agents can do – and how much your brokerage can grow.

The right back office software can help your agents get more done while spending less time on busy work. We’ll cover the top six ways back office software can boost agent productivity by reducing manual tasks. Let’s take a look at the first way – automation.

1. Automation

The first way back office software can help your agents get more done is through automation.

Manually entering data, finding and storing files, creating documents, and more can be time-consuming for your agents. Instead of prospecting, working with clients, or closing deals, your agents have to spend hours on menial tasks. This makes it hard for your agents to maximize their productivity and contribute fully to brokerage growth.

With back office software, your agents can automate these time-consuming tasks. This software can automatically find and enter data, store files, create documents, fill out state forms, log communication, and more. That way, your agents can spend less time on busy work – and more time on what matters (like closing more deals).

2.  Cloud access

Another way back office software can help your agents get more done while spending less time on tedious tasks is through cloud access.

Your agents are constantly on the go. Yet, many back office software solutions require your agents to be in the office or on the local network to access tools like transaction checklists, offer management, or eSignature. If your agents want to use your back office software, they have to waste time driving back and forth from your office.

With cloud-based back office software, however, your agents can access everything they need on the go. Cloud-based back office software stores all tools and documents on the cloud (instead of on local devices). So, your agents can access anything they need from anywhere on any device. This saves your agents hours of drive time every week.

By reducing the need to come into your office, cloud-based back office software helps agents maximize their time in the field – which helps your brokerage grow.

3. Offer management

Along with cloud access, back office software can also help agents get more done through offer management software.

For manual offer management, your agents need to keep track of all offers, client and agent communication, pertinent documents, and more. Otherwise, your agents could miss a great offer for clients or have compliance issues down the road. However, manually managing offers is a huge time suck – preventing your agents from closing as many deals.

Back office software with offer management can reduce busy work for your agents. Offer management software can automatically store all offers, communications, and other documents. This software can also provide an easy-to-understand overview of all offers, making it simple for clients to choose the right one.

With the right back office software with offer management, your agents can spend less time on offer busy work and more time closing deals.

4. e-Signature

Additionally, back office software with built-in eSignature can reduce menial tasks to help your agents get more done.

Creating and having clients sign documents with traditional signatures can be time-consuming. Your agents have to correctly create documents and print them out. Then, your agents need to coordinate with clients to find a time to meet up and get the documents signed. Once the documents are signed, your agents need to either scan in and email or mail the documents.

If anything needs to be changed in the document, your agents have to go through the whole process again. Each document that needs to be signed can suck up hours of your agents’ time – preventing them from getting as much done.

With back office software with built-in eSignature, your agents can eliminate much of the busy work around document signing. To eSign documents, your agents create the digital document, send it to clients to sign, then send it where it needs to go. This whole process takes only minutes – saving your agents hours for every transaction.

5. Transaction checklists

Transaction checklists are another way back office software can help your agents be more productive.

For every transaction your agents do, they have to remember a bunch of steps. If your agents do any steps out of order or forget a step altogether, they have to waste time redoing steps or doing the missing step. The time your agents spend on fixing transaction problems is time they can’t spend closing deals. 

Transaction checklists in back office software make it easy for your agents to remember all the steps. When managing a transaction, your agents can look at their transaction checklist to see every step in order. These checklists won’t let agents go on to the next step without completing the previous step.

With transaction checklists, your agents can complete transactions correctly the first time – freeing up time to focus on helping your brokerage grow. 

6. Mobile app

Lastly, back office software can empower your agents to get more done with a back office mobile app.

Your agents are on the go all day, so they rarely have time to sit down at a computer to check your back office software. However, many back office solutions only work on a computer. If your agents need to check transaction checklists, offer management, eSigned documents, or anything else, they have to waste time finding a spot to log into their computers.

Instead of requiring a computer, the right back office software should have a mobile app. With the mobile app, your agents can access anything they need right from their phones or tablets. Being able to do everything from a mobile device can save your agents hours every day. That way, your agents have more time to close deals and get new clients.

Wrapping it up

Agent productivity determines how much your brokerage can grow. However, without the right tech, even the best agents will get bogged down by busy work. Instead of finding clients and closing deals, your agents will have to waste time on data entry, finding documents, filing all important paperwork, and more.

Back office software with automation, cloud access, offer management, eSignature, transaction checklists, and a mobile app eliminates the tedious manual tasks that waste your agents’ time. That way, your agents can maximize their productivity to help your brokerage crush your growth goals.

Looking for back office software that empowers your agents to do more? Brokermint is the way to go. Along with being cloud-based, Brokermint’s complete back office platform also has best-in-class automation to reduce busy work. And, Brokermint has offer management, built-in eSignatures, transaction checklists, and a mobile app. That way, your agents have everything they need to level up their productivity.

In addition to agent productivity tools, Brokermint’s back office platform has five modules – transaction management, commission automation, accounting, agent management, and reporting/analytics. With Brokermint, you’ll have everything you need to modernize and streamline your back office.

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