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How to Choose the Best eSignature Software

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Are you struggling to find the right eSignature software for your brokerage?

eSignatures can be faster and easier than traditional signatures. However, you’ll only get those benefits if you choose the right eSignature software. With the wrong software, you and your team will waste time trying to figure out a frustrating eSignature solution. And, the wrong software can create a negative client experience – making it harder to grow.

How can you find the right eSignature solution for your brokerage? That’s what we’ll cover in this post. Before we dive into how to find the best eSignature software, let’s take a look at why you should use eSignatures.

Why should you use eSignature software?

Young couple signing financial contrat on digital tablet-1eSignatures are becoming the norm in real estate because they offer many advantages over traditional signatures:


One advantage of eSignatures is that they’re faster. Traditional signing requires printing and signing documents, meeting with clients to sign the documents, and scanning them into your computer. With eSignature tech, your agents and clients can sign documents digitally – which can be hours faster.

Better client experience

eSignature software can also create a better client experience. With traditional signatures, clients have to meet with you in person to sign documents. It can be frustrating for clients to go back and forth with you to find a time to meet.

With eSignature, clients don’t have to find time in their busy schedule to sign documents. Instead, they can sign them at any time from anywhere. This seamless digital experience can improve the client experience – leading to more referrals that help your brokerage grow.

Improved record-keeping

Another reason to use eSignatures is that they can make record-keeping easier. With traditional signatures, your team has to manually collect, sort, and store paper documents. This manual record-keeping process is time-consuming. And, it can make it hard to find what you need when you need it.

The right eSignature solution can digitally store eSigned documents for you. So, you and your team can find documents when you need them. And, your team doesn’t have to waste time on filing – allowing them to manage more transactions.

What features should you look for in eSignature software?

All eSignature tech provides digital signing. However, the software needs the right features to help you maximize eSignature benefits. Here are the top features to look for:


Financial adviser showing terms of contract on tabletYour eSignature solution should be built for real estate. Because a variety of industries use eSignatures, not all eSignature tech has the real estate features you need. Generic eSignature tech won’t have real estate forms/templates, integrate with your transaction management software, provide a good client experience, or other crucial real estate capabilities you need.

So, you should look for real-estate-specific eSignature software. That way, you have everything you need to streamline document signing and create a great client experience.

Built into the back office

eSignature tech needs to pull information from your transaction management, commission calculation, agent management, and other areas of your back office.

However, many eSignature solutions rely on integration to get this information. Simply integrating with your back office makes it hard for data to flow seamlessly into and out of your eSignature software – slowing down the process and increasing errors.

You should look for eSignature tech that’s built into a complete back office platform. Instead of having limited access to back office data, built-in eSignature tech can automatically read and write data throughout your back office. Automating this data flow reduces errors. And, built-in eSignatures can be faster and more convenient for your team and clients.


Another feature you should look for in eSignatures is security. Incorrectly secured documents are easy to tamper with. If your client documents are tampered with, it not only slows down the whole transaction. It can also cause clients to lose trust in your brokerage – hurting your reputation and slowing growth.

That’s why it’s important to choose eSignature tech with good security. You should look for security features like a package certificate, complete timeline of signing activity, secure signature identification with a QR code, and a package verification page. With these security measures, you can protect your brokerage and clients – while still having the benefits of eSignatures.

Mobile capabilities

Your agents are always on the go. Yet, many eSignature solutions require your agents and staff to be at a computer at your office to access eSignature forms, templates, and eSigned documents. If your agents want to prepare eSignature documents for clients, they have to go back to the office – wasting time and slowing down the transaction.

To avoid this, you should look for cloud-based eSignature tech with a mobile app. That way, your team can access documents from anywhere. And, agents and staff can create and edit eSignature documents on their smartphones.

Easy to use

The last important eSignature software feature is ease of use. While real estate technology provides many benefits to your brokerage, most solutions are hard to use. This holds true for eSignature tech. Many solutions make it difficult and time-consuming to create even simple eSignature documents.

If your eSignature tech is hard to use, your team won’t use it. This not only prevents your brokerage from benefiting from eSignatures. It also wastes money.

That’s why you should look for easy-to-use eSignature tech. This software should have a simple user interface, be cloud-based, have document forms/templates, drag and drop builders, and automation. With these easy-to-use features, your team is more likely to use your eSignature tech to save time and boost the client experience..

Wrapping it Up

Office workplace with laptop and smart phone on wood tableeSignature tech can help you close deals and process transactions faster, create a streamlined, convenient digital experience for clients, and improve your back office workflow. But, it can be challenging to find software that actually delivers these benefits.

To find the right eSignature software for your brokerage, you should look for tech that’s real estate specific, built into your back office platform, secure, has mobile capabilities, and is easy to use. Finding eSignature tech with these features will help you maximize the benefits you see.

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