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What Real Estate Tech Tools Are Essential for Your Brokerage in 2022?

Real Estate Technology

Do you have the tools you need to succeed in 2022?

Real estate technology is no longer a luxury. To keep up with competitors and provide a top-notch client experience, you need the right brokerage tech tools.

But, there are so many options for real estate tech. Do you need every real estate tech tool to be successful?

Nope, you don’t. To meet your brokerage goals and get ahead of the competition, you only need 6 essential real estate tech tools. Let’s jump into the first one – a predictive CRM.

1. Predictive CRM

Portrait of a smiling customer service representative with an afro at the computer using headsetThe first brokerage tech tool you need in 2022 is predictive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Your brokerage probably already has a CRM. The right CRM can help you store prospect data, find leads, create marketing campaigns, automate follow-up, and more. However, in 2022, simply having a CRM isn’t enough. Instead, you need a predictive CRM.

Along with all the features of traditional CRMs, predictive CRMs use tech to tell you who to talk to when. This predictive intelligence can help you maximize conversions and close more deals by optimizing prospect and client interactions. With this data-driven approach to contacting prospects/clients, your brokerage can close far more deals than brokerages with regular CRMs.

To get ahead in 2022, your brokerage needs predictive CRM software.

2. Lead Generation

happy young relaxed  couple working on laptop computer at modern home interiorAlong with a predictive CRM, you also need the right lead generation tech to boost your brokerage in 2022.

Finding leads is essential to your brokerage’s success. Your agents are great at working with clients and closing deals. However, they also need to be good at creating marketing campaigns, social media advertising, and other lead generation activities.

While you could have agents manually handle all marketing, that isn’t the highest and best use of their time. Instead of dragging your agents away from client work, you should have lead generation technology. The right lead generation software can create marketing campaigns, manage social media advertising, design websites, and more for your agents.

That way, your agents can get better leads in less time – freeing them up to close more deals and boost brokerage revenue.

3. Transaction Management

Moving on to the back office, you also need the right transaction management software in 2022.

Transaction management software is crucial to closing deals smoothly and keeping clients happy. However, many transaction management software solutions are hard to use, slow, desktop-based, and overall little better than manually managing transactions.

Instead of traditional transaction management software, you need a modern solution. For 2022, you need transaction management software that’s cloud-based, easy to access on the go, has built-in eSignatures, and integrates with any other software you use (like your CRM).

The right transaction management software makes it easy to manage more transactions with fewer staff members – helping you grow while keeping expenses low.

4. Accounting

In addition to transaction management, you also need real-estate-specific accounting software.

Accounting is probably one of your least favorite brokerage tasks. It’s complicated, time-consuming, and tedious. Even if you use accounting software like QuickBooks, you still have to handle real-estate-specific accounting tasks (like calculating commissions or creating franchise reports) manually.

For 2022, you need accounting software that was built for real estate. This accounting software should integrate with the rest of your back office, automatically calculate commissions, make it easy to pay and bill agents, create franchise reports, and more.

With the right real estate accounting software, you can make accounting a breeze – helping you stay compliant, pay agents faster, and increase brokerage efficiency.

5. Reporting and Analytics

ROI - Text in Blue Color on Dark Digital Background.You also need real estate reporting and analytics software for a successful 2022.

To scale your brokerage, you need to understand how your brokerage and agents are performing. You also need to know how this performance compares with previous years and your goals. However, manually analyzing brokerage and agent data can take weeks or months. And, this manual analysis may not give you accurate data.

Rather than wasting time and missing out on opportunities, you need the right reporting and analytics software in 2022. This software should automatically analyze brokerage, agent, and transaction data for you. It should also generate a variety of reports (like agent performance or lead generation effectiveness) that make it easy to understand brokerage trends and spot opportunities.

The right reporting and analytics software can help you better understand your brokerage and see what you need to do to meet your goals in 2022.

6. Agent Management

One last real estate tech tool you need is agent management software.

Your agents are key to your brokerage’s success. As such, it’s important to onboard agents correctly, monitor their performance, set goals, and make sure they’re reaching their full potential. However, with everything else you need to do to keep your brokerage running, agent management tasks can fall through the cracks – hurting your brokerage growth.

In 2022, you should stop trying to manage agents manually. Instead, you should use agent management software. Agent management tech should make it easy to onboard agents, provide performance tracking tools, allow you to create checklists to make sure agents manage transactions correctly, and help you set and track agent goals.

With the right agent management tech, you can spend less time managing agents and more time focusing on meeting your brokerage growth goals.

Wrapping It Up

2022 will likely see an acceleration of tech adoption in the real estate industry. As more brokerages adopt tech tools, it’s crucial to your success that you adopt the right tech tools. That way, you won’t just keep up with competitors – you’ll outperform them.

In 2022, you need a predictive CRM, lead generation, transaction management, accounting, analytics/reporting, and agent management tech.

The essential tech tools your brokerage needs in 2022 may seem like a lot. The good news is you don’t need a separate solution for each tech type. Instead, you can adopt a platform that has everything you need in one solution – like BoomTown and Brokermint. If you want best-in-class tech for your brokerage, BoomTown and Brokermint are the way to go.

Learn more today about how BoomTown and Brokermint can give you the tools you need for a great 2022.