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7 Must-Have Tech Tools to Grow Your Brokerage

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Do you want to grow your brokerage the easy way?

Even with great agents, it can be hard to grow your brokerage if you’re held back by outdated or hard-to-use technology. The wrong tech makes it hard for your agents to provide a great customer experience. Outdated tech also makes it difficult for your back office team to maximize how many transactions they manage – limiting your brokerage back.

If you want to grow whether the market is up or down, you need the right tech. We’ll cover the top 7 tech tools you need to maximize your brokerage growth. Let’s take a look at the first one – a predictive CRM.

1. Predictive CRM

The first essential technology your brokerage needs to maximize growth is a predictive CRM.

Your agents probably already use a CRM. The right CRM can help your agents store prospect data, create marketing campaigns, find leads, remember to follow up, and more. However, having the same basic CRM as everyone else doesn’t give your agents or brokerage an advantage.

If you want to maximize your growth, you should equip your agents with a top-of-the-line predictive CRM. A predictive CRM uses tech to figure out who your agents should talk to and when. This can help your agents maximize conversions and close more deals by optimizing prospect interactions.

With a predictive CRM, your agents can use data to close more deals than their competitors with basic CRMs – helping your brokerage grow.

2. Complete back office platform

A complete back office platform is another tech tool your brokerage needs to optimize growth.

Your back office consists of many parts – like transaction management, accounting, commission automation, agent management, and more. It’s easy to choose a different tech solution for every aspect of your back office. However, having so many different tech solutions is expensive, time-consuming, and cumbersome to use – limiting how many transactions your team can manage.

To boost back office efficiency, you need a complete back office platform. Instead of several different tech tools, a complete back office platform is a single solution that covers your entire back office. With a complete back office platform, your team can manage transactions, commissions, accounting, agents, reporting, and more from the same, easy-to-use system.

With a complete back office platform, your team can spend less time navigating your tech stack and more time managing transactions to grow your brokerage.

3. Back office mobile app

Along with a complete back office platform, a back office mobile app is another must-have tech tool to boost brokerage growth.

Your agents are always on the go. However, many back office tech tools make your agents use a computer to view transaction checklists, offer management, to-do lists, and more. When your agents need to access your back office tech, they have to spend time finding a place to use their computer – limiting the time they have to work with clients.

Back office software with a mobile app enables your agents to see everything they need on their phones or tablets. To look at transaction checklists, eSigned documents, offer management, or anything else, your agents can use their mobile devices from anywhere. Instead of wasting time trying to find somewhere to use their computers, your agents can work with more clients to close more deals – increasing brokerage growth.

4. Offer management

In addition to a back office app, offer management tech is also crucial to growing your brokerage.

Managing offers well is essential to agent success. However, manually managing offers can be time-consuming. Keeping track of all client and agent communication, organizing new offers, comparing offers, and more suck hours of your agents’ time. Plus, manual offer management is error-prone – wasting even more time your agents could be using to close more deals.

With offer management software, your agents can quickly and easily manage offers. The right offer management software can automatically store all offer communication, notify agents of new offers, create an easy-to-understand dashboard overview of offers, and more.

The right offer management software can streamline your agents’ offer management process – freeing them up to close more deals to grow your brokerage.

5. Built-in eSignature

eSignature tech is another key tool to help your brokerage maximize growth.

Traditionally signing documents is frustrating and time-consuming for both agents and clients. To get documents signed, your agents have to create documents, enter the right info, print the documents, coordinate with clients to get them signed, meet up with clients, and send off the documents once they’re signed. This process can take days.

Back office software with built-in eSignature can digitize documents and signatures. To get documents signed, your agents create a digital document that automatically imports info, email it to clients, and then digitally send it off when it’s signed.

Digitizing document signing shaves hours off the process and improves the client experience – both of which help your agents close more deals to boost brokerage growth.

6. Cloud technology

Cloud technology is another important tool to help your brokerage grow faster.

Many brokerage tech tools require your agents and staff to be at the office on a local network to use them. However, your agents are frequently out of the office, and your staff may need to do work from home. With standard brokerage tech tools, your agents have to waste time traveling back to the office to get any work done. And, your back office staff can’t work wherever they need.

Cloud-based brokerage tools, in contrast, allow your agents and back office team to work from anywhere. With everything stored on the cloud (instead of locally), your agents/team can access what they need from any location. And, your agents and team can start something on one device and finish it from another.

With cloud-based technology, your agents/team can get work done from anywhere at any time – boosting productivity and brokerage growth.

7. Automation

The last must-have tech tool to grow your brokerage is automation.

Manually managing brokerage tasks like data entry and transfer, document creation, finding data, payments and billing, commission calculations, franchise reporting, and more can be a time suck. Your team has to spend all their time on menial tasks – instead of focusing on high-value tasks that promote brokerage growth.

With brokerage tech with automation, your team doesn’t have to waste time on these tedious tasks. Instead, the automation software can handle menial tasks (like data entry, calculations, and reporting), without your team needing to do anything more than click a few buttons. Thanks to automation, your team can concentrate their time on important tasks that increase brokerage growth – like managing more transactions.

Wrapping it up

Even if you do everything right to grow your brokerage (like recruiting top agents and back office staff), you could struggle to reach your goals because of your tech stack. An outdated and hard-to-use tech stack makes day-to-day tasks more difficult and time-consuming for your agents and team. Your agents and team then have less time to close deals or manage transactions – slowing brokerage growth.

To maximize brokerage growth in any market, you need the right tech. A predictive CRM, complete back office platform, mobile app, offer management, built-in eSignature, cloud tech, and automation give you the tools you need to crush your growth goals.

If you’re looking for front and back office tech that has the essentials you need to grow, BoomTown and Brokermint are the way to go. In addition to a predictive CRM, BoomTown also provides lead generation, custom websites, a mobile app, and more.

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