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How to Evaluate Back Office Software to Choose the Right Solution for Your Brokerage

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Do you struggle to choose the right back office software for your brokerage?

Selecting back office software can be challenging. The right back office solution can streamline operations, reduce expenses, and increase growth. But, choosing the wrong back office tech can create bottlenecks, hurt productivity, and hinder growth. That’s why it’s essential to make a smart choice when selecting back office software.

With so many back office software options, it can be hard to know which one will be right for your brokerage. We’ll cover everything you need to know to choose the best back office solution. Let’s take a look at the first step to evaluate back office software – whether it’s a complete solution.

Question 1: Is it a complete solution?

The first way to evaluate back office software to find the right one for your brokerage is to see if it’s a complete solution.

Your back office handles a lot of tasks, like transaction management, commission calculation, accounting, agent management, and more. However, many back office tech tools only provide solutions for one area – like transaction management. If you adopt this solution, you’ll have to adopt additional tech tools for other areas of your back office. Having so many tech tools can be expensive and hard to use.

To avoid having a huge tech stack, you should look for back office software that’s a complete solution. The right back office software should have everything you need to manage your back office in one, complete platform. Having everything in one place makes it easy for your team to manage your back office – and manage more transactions to grow your brokerage.

When evaluating back office software, you should look for a complete back office solution to make your tech stack easy to use and reduce expenses.

Question 2: Does it create a seamless data flow?

Another way to evaluate back office software solutions is to see if they enable a seamless data flow.

To manage transactions, calculate commissions, do brokerage accounting, manage agents, or anything else, your team needs data from multiple back office areas and third-party tools. If your back office software doesn’t have good integration, your team will have to waste hundreds of hours a year transferring data to and from your tech tools – instead of focusing on high-value tasks.

When choosing a back office solution, you should look for wide integration to enable a seamless data flow. With wide integration, your back office software can automatically find, enter, and transfer data between all of your back office tools. This seamless data flow saves your team time and increases productivity – leading to more transactions closed and more brokerage growth.

Selecting back office software with a seamless data flow will reduce the time your team spends on busy work and increase the time they can spend growing your brokerage.

Question 3: Is it cloud-based?

Along with creating a seamless data flow, the right back office software should also be cloud-based.

Your team and agents need to get work done from anywhere. Yet, many back office solutions require your team and agents to be in the office and on a local network to access back office software. Back office software that’s not cloud-based prevents agents from accessing back office software (like checklists or to-dos) in the field or your team working from home.

With cloud-based back office software, your team and agents can work from anywhere. Back office software that’s cloud-based stores everything on the cloud, instead of on local devices. This means your team and agents can access your entire back office from any location – enabling everyone to get more work done.

Choosing back office software that’s cloud-based allows your team and agents to work from anywhere – increasing productivity and brokerage growth.

Question 4: Does it empower work from any device?

Lastly, you can evaluate if a back office solution will work for your brokerage by seeing whether it empowers work from any device.

Between prospecting, meeting with clients, and more, your agents do a lot of their work in the field. However, many back office tech tools require your agents to have a computer with an internet connection to access back office tools like transaction checklists, to-dos, and more. This requirement to use a computer to access these tools is inconvenient for agents and wastes their time.

With back office software with a mobile app, however, your agents can access your back office on any device – like smartphones or tablets. By having access to important tools (like transaction checklists) on any device, your agents can get more work done and save time – freeing them up to close more deals.

The right back office software should have a mobile app that works on any device. That way, your agents can work how and when they want – boosting productivity and increasing brokerage growth.

Wrapping it up

Finding the right back office software can make brokerage operations smoother and less time-consuming. However, it can be hard to find the right back office software when there are so many options.

With the right evaluation criteria, it’s easy to find the best back office software for your brokerage. By seeing whether back office software has a complete platform, wide integration, cloud infrastructure, and a mobile app, you can make sure the back office software you choose will help you increase efficiency, reduce expenses, and boost growth.

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