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Top 5 Tips to Maintain Your Real Estate Brokerage Momentum in 2022

Real Estate Technology

After the holiday cheer fades, it’s back to work in the new year. However, starting the year out strong can be difficult in the post-holiday lull. Whatever momentum you had heading into the holidays seems to fizzle by the new year.

A weak start can make it difficult to have a great year and reach your brokerage goals. So, you need to maintain the momentum you had into 2021.

Wondering how? We’ve got you covered with our top 5 tips to maintain your momentum heading into 2022. Let’s look at the first way – start with a good foundation.

Tip 1: Start with a strong foundation

Filtered portrait of an executive business woman writing on a glass wall at sunsetIf you don’t have a strong tech foundation to support your brokerage, you won’t be able to maintain or increase your brokerage momentum in 2022.

While real estate is one of the last industries to be digitalized, using the right technology is no longer optional. The pandemic accelerated tech adoption. So, your competitors are now likely using front and back office technology to streamline their workflow and make agents and staff more productive.

Without the right technological foundation, you’ll fall behind your competitors. And, without the right tech, your agents and staff will have to do everything manually, which decreases productivity and morale.

To start 2022 strong, you need to have the right front and back office software. While you could choose separate front and back office software, this can lead to integration issues. Your data won’t flow smoothly between your front and back office tech, creating headaches for your team.

Instead, you should choose a solution that has both best-in-class front and back office software – like BoomTown and Brokermint. Together, BoomTown and Brokermint provide everything you need to run your brokerage, help agents thrive, and surpass your competition.

With a great tech foundation, you’re sure to maintain and increase your momentum in 2022.

Tip 2: Figure out what worked (and didn’t work) in 2021

Another way to maintain your momentum in 2022 is to take a look at what did and didn’t work for your brokerage in 2021.

One sure way to ruin your momentum is to keep doing everything the same as you did in 2021. While some things worked in 2021, others didn’t. If you don’t analyze what strategies were and weren’t successful in 2021, you could double down on something that’s holding your brokerage back (like poor lead sourcing methods or complicated transaction management processes).

So, you need to figure out what you should and shouldn’t continue into 2022. You can do this with back office software that has analytics and reports. Instead of spending days or weeks trying to manually analyze your data, back office software can do it for you.

The right back office software can analyze transaction data, agent performance, lead generation effectiveness, and more. This can help you spot trends – like whether a lead generation campaign drove results or a new commission model resulted in better agent performance. That way, you can continue to use strategies that boosted performance and discontinue strategies that held you back.

By figuring out what worked in 2021 and discontinuing what didn’t work, you can maintain your brokerage momentum into 2022.

Tip 3: Prioritize high-value tasks

Ring Binder with inscription High Priority on Background of Working Table with Office Supplies, Glasses, Reports. Toned Illustration. Business Concept on Blurred Background.Prioritizing tasks that generate results can also help you maintain brokerage momentum in 2022.

Your agents and staff do a lot of tedious tasks – like data entry, hunting for forms, manually calculating commissions, and more. The time your agents and staff spend on menial work is time they can’t spend helping you grow your brokerage by working with clients, managing more transactions, and other high-value tasks.

To maintain momentum heading into 2022, you need your agents and staff to prioritize value-adding tasks. You can do this by automating low-value tasks with back office software. This software can automate tasks like data entry, switching data between parts of your back office, calculating commissions, onboarding agents, and more.

That way, your team can spend less time on menial administrative tasks and more time working with clients or managing more transactions. And, your agents and staff probably enjoy the high-value tasks more. Spending more time on tasks they enjoy can help your agents and staff maintain and increase their momentum and productivity.

The right back office software can help you and your team prioritize high-value tasks to maintain your momentum in 2022.

Tip 4: Break down complicated tasks

You can also maintain brokerage momentum by breaking down complicated tasks.

Following the holidays, there’s often a productivity slump. The last thing your agents and staff want to do right after they return is tackle complicated, multistep tasks. Your team will likely work on smaller (and lower-value) tasks to ease their way into the new year.

However, this can lead to your brokerage losing momentum. Instead of starting the year strong, your team starts the year slowly and less productively – which can make it difficult for your brokerage to have a great 2022.

To make it easier for your team to hit the ground running in 2022, you need to break down complicated tasks (like transactions) into simple steps. The right back office software makes it easy to create different checklists for every type of transaction. So, your agents and staff can work on smaller transaction tasks – while still focusing on value-adding activities.  

By breaking down tasks into easy-to-follow checklists, you can make it easy for your agents and staff to start 2022 strong and maintain their momentum.

Tip 5: Set motivating goals

The Road to Success is Always Under Construction sign on desert roadOne last tip to maintain your brokerage momentum is to set goals for your team.

Starting a new year means a clean slate and a new direction. However, it can take time to figure out what you want to accomplish in the new year. This lack of direction can leave your team unsure of what tasks they should focus on and how much they need to get done each day – which can result in a loss of momentum.

So, you need to have a clear direction for 2022. Beyond just a clear vision for 2022, you also need to set goals for each team member to maintain momentum. While setting goals can be easy, manually tracking agent and staff progress towards individual goals can be time-consuming and slow your momentum.   

Instead of manual tracking, you need the right back office software. This software makes it easy to set and track goals for your entire team. You can quickly pull up performance dashboards to see everyone’s progress – helping you keep your team accountable.

By setting team goals and holding your team accountable, you can maintain brokerage momentum in 2022.

Wrapping It Up

The new year is full of new possibilities. Unfortunately, one of the possibilities is a loss of brokerage momentum that keeps you from reaching your goals and growing your brokerage.

To maintain your momentum in 2022, you need a good tech foundation and the ability to figure out what worked and what didn’t in 2021. You also need to prioritize high-value tasks, break down large to-dos, and set and track goals for your team.

The right back office software makes it easy to do everything you need to maintain momentum.

Looking for the right back office software for your brokerage in 2022?

Brokermint has everything you need to maintain momentum in one, easy-to-use, cloud-based back office platform. With five modules (transaction management, commission automation, accounting, agent management, and reporting and analytics), you can streamline your entire back office in 2022.

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