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How to Boost Client Trust and Agent Success with Back Office Software

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How do your agents build trust with clients?

Client trust is essential to agent success. When agents build client trust, those clients refer friends and family, leave good reviews, and depend on your agents for future real estate needs. To help your agents build trust, you probably think of front office tools like a CRM. However, the right back office software can also boost client trust and increase agent success.

Wondering how? We’ll cover everything you need to know about building trust and boosting agent success with back office software. To start, let’s look at the first way back office software can boost client trust – to-dos and reminders.

Step 1: Always complete tasks on time

The first way to build trust with clients through back office software is by always getting everything done on time with checklists and reminders.

There’s a lot your agents have to do every day. From prospecting, to meeting with clients, to creating documents, to communicating with other agents, your agents have a full plate. As such, it’s easy for client tasks to fall through the cracks. However, forgetting to complete tasks on time can destroy client trust in your agents. And, reduce client satisfaction and referrals.

Back office software can help your agents get every task done on time to boost client trust. Personalized checklists and to-do lists make it easy for your agents to know what they need to get done and when. Automated reminders keep agents on track and make it difficult to forget important tasks.

With the right back office software, it’s easy for your agents to get everything done on time – boosting client trust and increasing agent success.

Step 2: Automate tedious tasks

Another way your agents can build client trust with back office software is by automating tedious tasks – freeing agents up to focus on clients.

In addition to client work, your agents have to file paperwork, organize files, enter and transfer data, and do other tedious tasks. Agents can spend tens of hours a week on these menial tasks – leaving them less time to work with clients. When agents spend less time with clients, it makes it hard for your agents to build trust with clients.

The right back office software can take care of these tedious tasks for your agents. With automation, back office software can file, organize, enter/transfer data, store compliance docs, and more automatically. Back office software with automation can free up tens of hours a week for your agents to focus on working with clients.

By handling tedious tasks with automation, back office software can help your agents spend more time with clients – increasing client trust and agent success.

Step 3: Create and edit documents faster

Along with automating tedious tasks, back office software can also help agents boost client trust by streamlining document creation.

Your agents have to create documents to handle client paperwork, put in client offers, accept buyer offers, and more. However, manually creating and editing documents is time-consuming. Agents have to create the document from scratch, find and enter the right data, print it out, find time to meet with clients to sign it, and mail or email it to where it needs to go. Editing a document requires agents to go through this whole process again.

A lengthy document creation and editing process can create a tedious experience for clients. Plus, it could hurt client chances of getting their offer accepted if it takes a while to get the offer submitted – undermining client trust.

With back office software, your agents can create and edit documents faster and easier. The right back office software has digital document templates, auto-fill, and seamless data flow from your entire tech stack to make document creation and editing a breeze. Built-in eSignature makes it fast to get documents signed and sent off – shortening the document process by days (or weeks).

Faster document creation and editing can improve the client experience and get better results for clients – improving client trust and boosting agent success.

Step 4: Make offer comparison easy

In addition to a streamlined document process, back office software can help agents boost client trust by making offer comparison quick and easy.

Sellers want to get the most for their home. Comparing all offers and finding the highest one with the best terms is crucial to maximizing seller profit. However, manual offer management can make it difficult to receive and aggregate all offers. This makes it hard for clients to choose the best offer – leading to low satisfaction and trust.

Back office software streamlines the offer management process to build trust. This software automatically collects and organizes all offers into an easy-to-understand dashboard. Your agents can present clients with a simple offer comparison to make picking the right offer a breeze – creating a great client experience and building trust.

The right back office software can simplify offer management to help clients pick the best offer – boosting client trust and improving agent success.

Wrapping it Up

Building trust with clients is crucial to agent success. While traditional client-facing tools like a CRM can build client trust, back office tools can give your agents the boost they need to win client trust and increase their success.  

With back office software, your agents can increase client trust by getting everything done on time, automating tedious tasks, creating and editing documents faster, and comparing offers easier. Armed with these back office tools, it will be a breeze for your agents to build client trust and increase success.

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