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How to Find the Best Agent Management Software for Your Brokerage

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Are you looking for a better way to manage your agents?

Great agent management can help agents maximize productivity and close more deals. Plus, the right agent management makes it easier to retain and attract top talent. But, manually managing agents can be time-consuming and tedious.

Rather than manually managing your agents, you need agent management software. This software makes it easy to onboard agents, set and track goals, manage teams, and more. However, so many agent management software options can make choosing the right one difficult.

That’s why we’ll cover everything you need to know to find the best agent management software for your brokerage. To start, let’s take a look at the first way to choose the right agent management software – looking for good onboarding.

1. Onboard smoothly

The first way to find the best agent management software for your brokerage is to look for software with stellar onboarding.

Onboarding is one of the first impressions agents get of your brokerage. A difficult, frustrating, or confusing onboarding process can make agents second guess choosing your brokerage. Even if everything else about your brokerage is great, top talent might not stick around after a bad onboarding experience.

With the right agent management software, you can create a top-notch onboarding process. Easy-to-follow checklists, quick document uploads, and other intuitive features make onboarding a breeze for your team and new agents.

By looking for agent management software with great onboarding, you can ensure that agents’ first impressions are good ones. This helps you attract and retain top talent to grow your brokerage.

2. Prioritize goal setting

Another way to find the right agent management software is by looking for a solution that prioritizes goal setting.

Setting goals can help your agents stay on track and maximize their performance. However, managing goal setting for all your agents can be time-consuming. Along with meeting with every agent, you also have to record and organize all goals.

The right agent management software makes goal setting easy. After meeting with agents, you or your agents can digitally record their goals. An easy-to-understand dashboard makes it quick and easy to see all agent goals – saving time so you can focus on high-value tasks to grow your brokerage.

With agent management software with goal setting, you and your agents can reap the benefits of setting goals in less time.

3. Track progress and performance  

Along with setting goals, agent management software can also help you track agent progress and performance.

Setting goals is just the start. Your agents also need to make steady progress towards their goals. To help agents reach their goals, you need to keep them accountable by tracking their progress. But, tracking individual agent progress can be difficult. You have to manually compile agent transaction and earning data to track progress – which can require hours each time.

In addition to goal tracking, it’s also important to track comparative agent performance. Even if an agent is reaching their goals, they might be performing significantly lower than other agents. Knowing how agents stack up against each other can help you encourage underperformers and reward overperformers. Much like goal tracking, agent performance tracking can be time-consuming.

With the right agent management software, progress and performance tracking is easy. This software displays all agent goals in one easy-to-understand dashboard. You can click on individual agents to check their progress in seconds – making it easy to help agents be accountable.

Agent management software can also quickly generate agent performance reports. This makes it easy to see who is doing great – and who needs some help. These insights can help you maximize agent performance to boost brokerage growth.

The right agent management software makes it easy to track agent progress and performance. By tracking these agent metrics, you can make sure all agents are performing at their best.

4. Manage teams

Agent management software isn’t just for agent management. The right agent management tech can help you manage teams as well.

If your brokerage has teams, you need to manage each team in addition to individual agents. From commission plans, to performance metrics, to team comparison, and more, great team management is essential to your brokerage success. However, manually managing your brokerage teams can challenging.

The right agent management software for your brokerage can make team management easy. With this software, you can use dashboards to see all info for a team (like commission plans or agent performance) in one place. You can also use dashboard views to compare teams to make sure every team is on track.

To find the best agent management software for your brokerage, you should look for team management functionality. This empowers you to manage not only agents but entire teams to set your brokerage up for success.

5. Connect your back office

The last essential feature to look for when choosing the best agent management software for your brokerage is that it is part of a complete back office platform.

Your agent management software needs info from other back office systems (like transaction management and accounting). It also needs to share info with other parts of your back office (like accounting and reporting).

If you choose a standalone agent management solution, your team will have to manually move all data to and from your agent management software. This is not only a time suck for your team, but it also increases the risk of errors in your other systems (like commission calculation). Fixing errors can further waste your team’s time and lead to slow transaction management or agent payment.

That’s why you need agent management software that’s part of a complete back office platform. As part of a larger back office platform, your agent management software can seamlessly send or read data from any of your other systems. This saves your team time and frees them up to focus on high-value activities (like managing more transactions).

By choosing agent management software that’s part of a complete back office platform, your team can save time and get more done.

Wrapping it up

Managing agents is crucial to a successful brokerage. But, many agent management tasks (like tracking agent performance) can be time-consuming and keep you from focusing on high-value tasks to grow your brokerage.

With the right agent management software, it’s easy and quick to manage your agents and teams. To choose the best agent management software for your brokerage, you should make sure it has smooth onboarding, goal setting, progress and performance tracking, team management, and is part of a complete back office platform.

If you’re looking for the best agent management software, Brokermint is the way to go. Brokermint’s agent management software has intuitive onboarding, goal setting, easy progress and performance tracking, and team management tools.

Plus, Brokermint’s agent management software is part of a complete, cloud-based back office platform. Brokermint’s five modules (transaction management, commission automation, accounting, agent management, and reporting/analytics) have everything you need to streamline your entire back office.

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