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Are Data Silos Hurting Your Real Estate Business?

Do you have a central place to store your data that’s easy to access for your entire team? Or, do you have fragmented data storage that only part of your team can use?

Real Estate Software

Explained: How Real Estate Agent Compensation Works

In this article, we’ll explain the five most common ways real estate agents are compensated for their services. Stick around until the end, and we’ll share our commission calculation template.

Real Estate Commission Automation

Too Many Systems? Consolidate and Integrate for Real ROI

Cutting out a clunky process and creating the right tech stack was the key to this team’s success.

Real Estate Back Office

How to Keep Your Transactions on Schedule with Back Office Software

Do your transactions run smoothly and on time?

To manage transactions, your team needs everything to line up perfectly. Problems like agents skipping a transaction step, disorganized paperwork, late eSignature documents, slow communication, and more can throw off your entire transaction ...

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How to Modernize Your Real Estate Brokerage with Back Office Software

Is your brokerage modernized?

Modern brokerages can manage more transactions, close faster, retain top agents better, and reach brokerage goals sooner. Brokerages that aren’t modernized struggle to keep up with modern brokerages.

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Top 7 Tech Reasons Agents Leave Your Brokerage

Does your tech stack help you retain top agents – or drive them to another brokerage?

Attracting and retaining agents is key to your brokerage success. But, even the best support, training, culture, and retention efforts likely won’t be enough if you don’t have the right tech stack.

Real Estate Technology

6 Quick Tips to Save Time and Get More Done with Back Office Software

Are you looking for ways to take back your time and boost efficiency?

Time blocking, the Pomodoro method, and other time management strategies can help you save some time. However, there’s only so much these strategies can do to help you and your team take back your time and get more ...

Real Estate Back Office

How to Increase Agent Accountability to Grow Your Brokerage

How do you hold your agents accountable?

Holding your agents accountable can help them get more done, close more deals, and generate more revenue for your brokerage. But, holding every agent and team accountable manually can be a time suck. Having to keep track of goals and progress with ...

Real Estate Agent Recruiting

How Back Office Software Can Help Your Agents Keep Their Pipelines Full

Do your agents always have a full pipeline?

Real Estate Back Office

Top 6 Tips to Find the Best Commission Automation Software

How do you calculate commissions?

Spreadsheets and paper files can be a pain to calculate commissions with. These traditional methods are tedious, error-prone, and slow down agent payments. Using spreadsheets and paper files to calculate commissions also means your team has less time to ...

Real Estate Commission Automation