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For Flowertown Group, Brokermint Brings It All Together

Real Estate Back Office

The Flowertown team aligned its business around Brokermint to keep transaction information synced. The result? Seamless communication, and a customer-centric culture.

ipretina-2d27f307b9470c9fa8aad27798a3d35ce8057274Brokermint makes it simple to keep your transactions—and your people—on track. It’s one system to automate, manage, and give you visibility into every transaction. Everything is mapped and monitored in one central hub, automatically. Bottlenecks are broken, transactions stay on track, and closings are on-time, every time.

Kelly Mitchell"The ‘Aha moment’ for me," says Kelly Mitchell of Flowertown Group in Summerville, SC, "was realizing we had new agents coming to our brokerage with different styles of organization, and we needed something that would keep everybody together, keep everything in one place, and make sure everyone was on the same page.”

Flowertown Group finds a great value in many aspects of Brokermint, including how Brokermint supports these three key needs/goals. 

  • Growing teams need agile tools: You need one tool to get your team ramped up, manage the back-office mayhem, and keep your data and people in the same place. Disparate systems bring inefficiencies and make for tardy transactions.
  • Transaction communication is key: With so many moving pieces, critical dates, important files, and people involved in each transaction, it’s easy for details to get lost and bottlenecks to block the bottom line.
  • Better service inside and out: It’s a busy, emotional, and high-stakes process. Clients want to be kept in the loop and work on their time, and so do team members. You need tools to effortlessly keep the relevant parties informed, and show you’re delivering.

"Brokermint’s platform is super easy, user-friendly, and I’m able to oversee the entire transaction, making sure that our clients aren’t suffering, and they’re being followed up with," Kelly adds. "We’re getting it all done with the built-in checklists, and once we close the transaction, in the same platform we pay our agents their commission. It’s all here for us.”